Path of Exile Team Expands on Unified Hideouts Coming with Betrayal -

When the Betrayal content expansion launches in Path of Exile in December, it's coming with a new "unified hideout" system that has a lot of players excited. In the intervening week since Betrayal was announced, players have asked a lot of questions about the new feature and GGG devs have taken the time to answer over a dozen covering a wide array of topics.

Some key takeaways from the Q&A:

  • hideout decoration limit is 750, the same as it currently is for large-size hideouts
  • all-league Favor will be united into a single account-wide pool
  • 10 new tilesets will be added
  • current hideout layouts will be saved "as-is" IF they use different tilesets. Hideouts sharing a tileset will see the one with the most decorations in it saved when 3.5.0 launches
  • shared hideouts can be edited
  • waypoints inside hideouts can be moved

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