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At this moment, we can clearly see there are less than 14 hours still left to roll out the Synthesis league officially through the countdown timer on the official site. It's a prominent incident for all Path of Exile fans at the beginning of 2019, and keep in mind that there are a lot of juicy contents waiting ahead the rest of this year. Although it's rather crucial and breathtaking, on the other hand, not so hyped and crazy about for Xbox owners as they find themselves stuck in a jam.

In the latest announcement from Grinding Gear Games, not only is the Xbox version of new update arranged to release three days after the PC version, but the update would also require a redownload of the whole game file for every Xbox One device. It's estimated that the redownload features the size of 10GB in the Xbox One consoles and at least 20 minutes to complete that before accessing, assuming that your network has the theoretically largest bandwidth. 

Based on the official explanation of the redownload occurrence, a re-work of the file system has been conducted and probably succeeded in Xbox One, in order to "pay the way for future tech developments" and "minimize the potential memory issues". Normally, an update deployed to any games means players only have to download the update part while every other part of the game stays put. However, re-work of the file system stands for the thoroughgoing overhaul to a game with every aspect involved. Simply stacking the new update up can't make it all worked at all. 

Image result for poe xbox one vs ps4

It's definitely not my original intention to be such a messenger and say something like this, but, today may be the double whammy for both Xbox users and PS4 owners - the announcement says that there is still no firm date of the PS4 version' release while prior to this, game developers committed to exposing the date two weeks out from launch in the last post. All of this implies that the release date of the PS4 version is put off to the late March at least - while the developers reiterated multiple times before that the release would affirmatively roll out in mid-March. Guess they just went back on the old deal, again. 

Nevertheless, the Synthesis league will go live as scheduled a few hours later on PC for the majority of Players in the Path of Exile community. This is all the highlight we should underline now. We believe there are millions of gamers have been dying for the moment of new league' release for months and the game, in the hopes of impressing on every audience, won't fail anyone after all.

Path of Exile: Synthesis league will go live on Friday, March 8th 12:00 PM (PST), alongside new contents, such as new POE CurrenciesPOE Orbs, gems, storyline, spells, skills, passive tree and so on. See you in the new league, mate!