Path Of Exile PlayStation 4 Will Go Alive In Late March
Path Of Exile PlayStation 4 Will Go Alive In Late March

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A piece of breaking news just burst out from Path of Exile official forum, saying that the game, including its newest expansion, will come to PlayStation 4 on March 26th(PDT), exactly two weeks from now. 

It is more than three months now after Grinding Gear Games announced the PS4 Release plan the first time. Since then, thousands of PS4 users and diehard fans have been waiting for this moment, as well as following through any updates of this. But Reflecting on the game company's performance, things have been nearly patchy. 

The game developers, in the past three months, deliberately postponed the PS4 release more than once. leaving a multitude of the audiences disheartened and raged. Allegedly, in December of 2018, there are some crucial issues and obstacles ahead of the program's development where needs more time and energy to tackle. However, in next month, game developers patched that up and the main structure was completed, still, a period of time has been claimed to be required to seek glitches and perfect its previous performance. Gamers were told to wait for a firm date of release two weeks before its actual release and that piece of paper saying "we don't have that date for you now" lingered for over a month on the bulletin board until today. 

Thankfully, Path of Exile and its developers haven't broken the promise they made: Today is 14 days before the firm date of PS4 release in the announcement. To most of Path of Exile players, they feel more relieved than jubilated. 

We need to acknowledge the basic fact that once the PS4 release is settled, other affairs are going to emerge and need to be prioritised and sorted out. For instance, is there a Nintendo Switch version of Path of Exile coming in this year? What about the mobile version? What if someone plays on PC for a long time and now plans on migrating his old account to PS4 with all the stuff preserved? How about a race event next month? Grinding Gear Games may need a notebook to organize these feedbacks and match all of them with the most suitable efforts they will provide in the future respectively. 

Anyway, we will follow through this major update and report on more information you may need as soon as possible. In the meantime, for all those are still fighting their ways out of the encirclement or wandering off in the game, you might need some supplies of POE Currencies and POE orbs for a while before taking on the next step. 


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