Path Of Exile Live: Deal With Monsters You Planted By Yourself
Path Of Exile Live: Deal With Monsters You Planted By Yourself

Last weekend, Grinding Gear Games released the latest update of POE, Harvest on PC, and achieved unprecedented success with the 231,130 players peak.

It is very pleasant that the league mechanic and crafting system in Harvest have been well accepted by players, and the development team has also spent more time and energy to develop it into the smoothest launch, there are no major issues to be adjusted except for some minor fixes.

Through the Harvest announcement, we already know that the task of exiles is to deal with the monsters they planted instead of being assigned by the system.

In the Sacred Grove, you'll meet its keeper NPC Oshabi and accept her instructions to plant seeds and grow into dangerous monsters in order to plunder the Lifeforce and return dropping from them.

At present, Harvest is available on PC and until June 24, it will launch the console platforms, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Simply put, everyone can customize the combat by planting monsters in POE Harvest, because different types of seeds will produce not the same fruits, some are obtained from the Seed Cache, and high-tier seeds can only be obtained from monsters. As a result, you can choose to plant those seeds based on the character’s skills and the return you want to get to decide whether you can defeat the grown monsters.

Throughout Path of Exile, it creates a dark, brutal world where players can choose to play different roles, Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Shadow, etc, each of which stands on light or dark side. And the hugest feature of the game is unlimited character customization. Not only in the 3.11 Harvest, players can use to combination of passive skill tree and gems to customize the characters' skills and complete specific quest lines in each version.

Unlike other MMOs, there is no fixed currency used in POE like Gold or coin, the whole game is about items, a variety of kinds, also known as currency items, each of which has unique properties and effects with a very small range of uses. Therefore, when playing Path of Exile, players are always searching for, gathering up and trading items.

When it comes to POE Currency, it revolves around almost all aspects of the game. In order to make your adventure more comfortable, you can purchase instead of farming.

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