Path Of Exile Harvest Garden Layout Guide: Everything Should Be Done To Maximize POE Currency
Path Of Exile Harvest Garden Layout Guide: Everything Should Be Done To Maximize POE Currency

Map is a very important concept throughout Path of Exile, which can be placed on a fixed device to create character skills, attributes and the return for the combat customization. As a result, all profits, currency items depend on the map layout, or juicing your maps as much as possible.

In each expansion of POE, not only Harvest league, the biggest difference between ordinary and wealthy players is the map layout. For instance, different layouts determine the Seed Cache you could find on the map, which will directly affect the enemies you'll fact and the rewards they would drop.

As in Harvest, it introduced a brand new mechanic requiring players to plant seeds in the garden, also known as map, where players can deal with grown monsters and reap Lifeforce, which can be sued to reforge items with specific socket colors, upgrade POE Items, and change up the modifiers.

Compared to ordinary orbs, the Lifeforce is more powerful to customize the combat, even level up in the game, so this is a good opportunity to maximize POE Currency you can obtain.

There are different types of seeds, in order to increase the profits, you first need to select some high-tier seeds, normally, tier-2 seeds are grains, tie-3 for bulbs and tier-4 for fruit, each of which will grow into monsters and bring rewards, Lifeforce, XP and unique items.

Secondly, it is also allowed to reposition the buildings by Ctrl+clicking on your keyboard to change your garden structures.

Last not the least, a series of garden tools are also needed to better harvest grown plants and hold up Lifeforce, such as Collectors, Dispersers, as well as Storage Tanks.

However, Lifeforce is not as common as POE Currency, it is limited to your garden. If you want to customize and upgrade armor and weapons, it would be better to use POE Currency.

When it comes to POE Trade, this can really enhance your characters' competitiveness and strength.

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