Path Of Exile Finally Launched The Legion League With Melee Overhaul
Path Of Exile Finally Launched The Legion League With Melee Overhaul

After waiting for several weeks, Path of Exile 3.7 update finally launched the Legion league on the last weekend, and the peak player concurrency of over 224,000 players is on the main Path Of Exile server up to June 10.

As an excellent free-to-play action-PC game, Path of Exile legion increased new quests, challenges and contents. Just like we expected, the long-awaited melee overhaul has been rolled out by Grinding Gear Games along with the animations can be cancelled out of and into, movement skills having become instantaneous and character switching targets automatically.

We have seen many patch notes announced by Path of Exile, one of the two major ones is a new Legion Challenge League, in which you can visit the battlefields frozen by timeless monoliths, smash your enemies to wake them up and get the loot for reward. Another one patch is the melee overhaul as mentioned above, which can inflict heavy losses on the enemies.

In Legion Challenge League, the monoliths you touched are able to reveal ancient armies frozen mid-battle when exploring, what you should do is defeating them and getting rewards including the splinters you may later to access the Domain of Timeless Conflict.

As for melee overhaul, the ways to attack enemies have changed a lot, you can't hit multiple enemies by default for every attack but can interrupt your skills for greater flexibility. The monsters also deal damage in a 120-degree arc in front of themselves rather than to a target directly, you can dodge the damage at will.

The attack accuracy is no more limited at 95%, which means that enemies aren't able to avoid certain attacks instead of preventing a portion of the incoming damage.

When having killed majority of monsters, you can obtain rewards in the update including skill gems, jewels and incubators items.

During your update exploring, you need to craft your character skills and enhance the equipment by the game currency, POE Currency.

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It's time to start, if you have any question, our online customer service will help you within 2 minutes on our website. The game Path of exile: Legion is hot, good luck on your journey adventurers!

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