Path Of Exile Delirium Review And Currency Making Guide
Path Of Exile Delirium Review And Currency Making Guide

On March 14 New Zealand local time, Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile 3.10.0, Delirium, as the first expansion of POE throughout 2020. According to the convention, each expansion of POE can only last for about three months, and before a new league arrives, here is the review of Path of Exile Delirium and a guide for POE Currency making.

We already know that Delirium created the worst nightmare through a Mirror of Delirium, when the players pass through, it would create a fog of Delirium that spawns new enemies and makes existing enemies tougher.

You must have completed all or most of the league challenges and very familiar with the gameplay, while you encounter these scary monsters or bosses, that is exactly where the best rewards are, too. In other words, your return is related to hard work.

As for POE Currency making, there are more opportunities to make money in Delirium, it added a lot of new POE Items, such as Orbs of Delirium, and Cluster Jewel, which are placed on the passive skill tree to customize the character's skill.

Usually, in Path of Exile, ordinary POE Currency can be looted dropping from monsters or bosses, even the starters could have a great chance to get them except for the unique. All items could be traded in the Auction House, and you can sell the unnecessary ones to earn extra profits.

Or, if you don't want to work hard all day, it is the best solution to buy POE Currency and avoid duplication of labor, because there are many marketplaces to sell cheap and available currency or items, instead of spending too much time in the game, it is better to try the time-saving method.

Knowing that you are worried about the security of POE Currency, most customers can hardly tell which one is a scammer or reliable merchant while purchasing. We sincerely recommend you going to MMOAH, and you don't need to rush to buy anything from it, before you could confirm that it is 100% safe.

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