Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Guide: How To Plant Seeds
Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Guide: How To Plant Seeds

Last week, Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest was announced and set to be released on PC June 19, requiring players to plant seeds with the help of Oshobi to grow into powerful monsters and plunder their Lifeforce to craft more valuable POE items.

Here is a guide on how to discover different types of seeds and plant them in Harvest. As different types of seeds have not the same attributes, they can spawn monsters and resources with different abilities. Through it, you could customize your own combat, for instance, the number of monsters you want to challenge, what materials you want to craft.

Usually, the seeds of each tier can be dropped from the monsters of the lower tier. Such as , when you kill the monsters of Tier 1 plants, it would drop Tier 2 seeds.
When plundering seeds of different levels, they will be hoarded in your inventory, surely, this is also allowed that you can give priority to planting seeds of interest which category of crafting benefit.

The benefit of planting high-tier seeds is that they can create a lot of Lifeforce to create more valuable items, such as rare orbs, which are difficult to obtain in other parts of the game. Moreover, these killed monsters will not only drop Lifeforce, but also have extra rewards and XP, which will still allow you to quickly upgrade in the game.

In order to plant your seeds, you need to open a seed cache in the main game as one growth cycle for your plants, and the seed types would specify how many cycles they need to grow.

All in all, in 3.11 Harvest expansion, it adds a new league mechanic, allowing players to customize the battle at will through planting monsters. As always, it added something new in it, such as unique items, gems, skills and more currency items. While you need to use a lot of POE Currency to get them, or you could trade with others through it when you don't have enough seeds.

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