Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Guide: Everything New You Need To Know
Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Guide: Everything New You Need To Know

Recently, Grinding Gear Games announced the details of POE 3.11 expansion, Harvest, which is set to be released on June 19 for PC, and June 24 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This time, it called on players to follow NPC called Oshabi to plant seeds and grow into dangerous enemies, then the players fight against the enemies they cultivated, slaughter and plunder their Lifeforce as rewards, as which can make more valuable items.

As always, Path of Exile will add a series of newly added items to each expansion, making it very different from the previous one. So here is a guide for everything new you need to know in Harvest league.

Seed Cache
In each area you explore you could find the Seed Cache, which will yield various types of seeds to plant once tagged, surely, seeds will also be divided into different tiers, rare and high-tier seeds are extremely difficult to obtain, but they can spawn high-value rewards.

Slams Skill
Part of two-handed weapon improvements, several melee skills have been recategorised as slams, some of which have been increased with new visual effects, improved functionality, as well as greater power for two-handed weapons users.

Warcry Skill
There are four new types Warcry skills to add in Harvest, which can taunt nearby enemies while providing effects to allies or hostiles. The new ones could exert the attacks, and increase the power for a number of attacks.

Lethal Brands
It added three new Brands and one Brand support gem to make them more versatile with more tools and options.

Unique Items
The June expansion of POE includes a total of 12 new unique items, and we now could introduce a few among them.

Doryani's Prototype, a unique armor to empower your electrocuting attacks by lowering the lightning resistance of enemies. Its effect depends one lightning resistance, the lower it is, the more susceptible enemies become.

Storm Secret, a unique ring to cast lightning synergizing with the Herald of Thunder skill.

It is impossible to introduce all the newly added things unless you could play the game, and when it is released, you can exchange them with POE Currency, especially these unique items to enhance your characters' strength.

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