Path Of Exile 3.10 Delirium Atlas Maps Guide
Path Of Exile 3.10 Delirium Atlas Maps Guide

With Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium arriving, Grinding Gear Games has gradually released its new content, changes and improvements through patch notes, of which Atlas and map changes are key features, it added the ability to set 3 favorite maps in each region of the atlas, and the guide is about how to get as much as loot, divination drops and monster density among the maps with high drop rate.

First of all, let's take a look at these POE 3.10 maps.

There are a total of 16 tiers for new maps, each has different danger and monsters to defeat, and these corresponding rewards can only be gained after completing missions on specific tiers.

With Patch 3.10, in order to unlock the favorite maps, you have to complete hidden maps in the region:

1st slot: complete all non-unique maps
2nd slot: complete all bonus objectives on the non-unique maps
3rd slot: complete all awakening objectives on the non-unique maps

Next, you'd better figure out the maps in different Atlas regions.

Haewark Hamlet
1st slot: Castle Ruins Map
2nd slot: Leyline Map
3rd slot: Phantasmagoria Map

Tirn's End
1st slot: Strand Map
2nd slot: Wharf Map
3rd slot: Waterways Map

Lex Proxima
1st slot: Fields Map
2nd slot: Dunes Map
3rd slot: Cemetery Map

Lex Ejoris
1st slot: Canyon Map
2nd slot: Shipyard Map
3rd slot: Caldera Map

Glennach Cairns
1st slot: Beach Map
2nd slot: Shore Map
3rd slot: Colonnade Map

New Vastir
1st slot: Park Map
2nd slot: Courtyard Map
3rd slot: Basilica Map

Valdo's Rest
1st slot: Promenade Map
2nd slot: Burial Chambers Map
3rd slot: Graveyard Map

Lira Arthain
1st slot: Estuary Map
2nd slot: Siege Map
3rd slot: Geode Map

In all of the above regions, the first ones are great layout that can be cleared completely with active Delirium and map boss, the second ones are open layout that can be cleared completely with active Delirium, while the third ones are Linear Layout that is hard to clear completely with active Delirium, along with divination card drop.

After selecting or using the maps, many POE Items will drop as bonus, some of which are even very rare.

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