POE 3.9 The Conquerors Of The Atlas Bow Rework Support Gems
POE 3.9 The Conquerors Of The Atlas Bow Rework Support Gems

After half a month, Grinding Gear Games will release POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas as scheduled, bringing a lot of new content featured the Atlas Mechanics, five new endgame bosses, a new powerful class of support gem, a rework of bows, new items, and an additional league challenge.

As for the rework of bow, GGG continued to release three new Support gems that work with Bow skills, Arrow Support, Greater Volley Support and Barrage Support.

Arrow Support
The Arrow Support could turn a forward firing arrow skill into an upward firing payload arrow and attack the target, which is available at level 8 for the Ranger. When it hits the ground, it bursts into a nova of the skill's projectiles. This is mainly to expand the range of ground targeted projectiles, resulting in greater casualties.

Greater Volley Support
This is available for exiles at level 38, causing a slightly lower damage multiplier than Greater Multiple Projectiles, which is even more attractive both for leveling and endgame options.

Barrage Support
The support gem causes skills to fire wand and bow skill projectiles sequentially, and adds a little bit of attack time by additional projectiles like Split Arrow and Power Siphon.

The above is the general content of the Bow rework throughout POE 3.9.

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