POE 3.11 Harvest Guide: How To Level Up Your Characters And Seeds?
POE 3.11 Harvest Guide: How To Level Up Your Characters And Seeds?

Grinding Gear Games introduced a new league mechanic and customization system when it released the 3.11 Harvest, allowing everyone to customize or decide the types of monsters they will deal with at will by planting seeds.

As there are different types of seeds, correspondingly, they will also grow into not the-same-difficulty monsters, or you are able to level up the seeds to make them grow as you like.

No matter the character or seeds, leveling up has always been a daunting task throughout Path of Exile, because it requires players to keep grinding for a long time.

It is the first step to level up when making a character for a specific class, in Path of Exile, you can completely customize your characters without being restricted by any requirements to determine its ability, upgrade potential, etc.

Also POE Build, which is an effective way to improve your character skills through the passive skill tree, but this is not a goal that can be achieved in the early stages of the game, skills can give your characters a significant boost.

POE skills we mentioned, such as Storm Brand, Static Strike, Cleave, Firestorm, etc, each of which can be upgraded, just like the characters, they would cause more damage to the bosses and gain XP more easily.

Higher-tier seeds will bring richer loot, and in order to level up the seeds, we must start from the Seed Cache, which could drop a variety of seeds in Harvest. The Seed Cache will bring you the initial seeds, if you want them to level up, deal with those monsters of greater strength, because they will drop a higher tier of seeds, and you'll encounter the hardest monsters, as well as rich rewards.

Last but not least, POE Currency is the best tool to level up characters and seeds, but not all players can afford it, because POE Currency that ordinary people can get through farming is very limited.

Surely, the best solution to avoid duplication of labor is to buy POE Currency, endless, letting you play Path of Exile better.

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