Online MMORPG TERA Origin Closed Beta Test Will Begin In Japan With 10,000 Participants
Online MMORPG TERA Origin Closed Beta Test Will Begin In Japan With 10,000 Participants

Following Netmarble's announcement of the game TERA, the fourth project in the series "TERA Origin" closed beta test participants has been recruited in Japan in order to make us have the first chance to see the gameplay. There will be 5,000 participants each on Android and iOS selected from June 14 to July 2.

There are four different trailers, the first one is official promo trailer which aims to basic overview, next one is named PvP battlefield trailer for a deeper a look at gameplay, which does look quite similar to its MMORPG counterpart.

The third video Class introduction showcases the playable classes in action, whose design is certainly reminiscent of what made the original game popular to begin with. Last not in the least, Raven is a flying minion who would fight by our side and appears to be the main element of the free-to-play aspect of the game.

The 6 new classes are added to TERA Origin, Archer, Fighter, Lancer, Slayer, Alchemist and Priest.

Priest is a friendly girl who runs a orphanage in a quiet town. When the orphanage is removed because of a shortage of finance, Priest must join the Independence Army in order to make operating costs.

Alchemist is taken from the precious store twice by Imperial Army, he has to join the army for a life that more is not swayed.

Because of Imperial Army, Slayer lost his wife and daughter, he joined the Independence Army to avenge.

Lancer is a battle slaves of the giants, who was released by the Independence Army. Once received on-Rashiku race that does not betray the absolute, from getting to the Independence Army has assumed the attack at the forefront of the battle with a huge shield.

Fighter is the best bounty hunter in Arborea continent because of a calm personality and Louis exceptional judgment. He saw the misdeeds of the Imperial Army and decided to fight in conflict with them.

Archer lost the childhood with parents by the Imperial Army and grew up in the forest to avoid others' eyes. In order to clarify the death of parents, he decided to join the Independence Army.

It should be mentioned additionally that gender and race have become fixed by the classes.

After finishing the acceptance period, the beta test itself will begin on July 2. Up to now, we have nothing announced about a western release of TERA, we will wait and see when it appears on MMOAH.

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