Old School Runescape for mobile phones enters beta
Old School Runescape for mobile phones enters beta

You can download Old School Runescape from Google Play at the moment, whilst the iOS version will get to a later date.

Not many MMOs survived the very last decade, but Old School Runescape is really a unique exception: a re-release from the original game because it existed in 2007. This classic version is maintained alongside the current game, even obtaining its very own patches and content releases. And now that Old School Runescape is free-to-play, they have more players as opposed to latest edition. For that reason, Jagex made a decision to re-launch Old School Runescape on mobile platforms.

As in the present day, the Android version is obtainable for open testing, by having an iOS version expected this Summer. If you had a longing to learn a 2000s-era MMORPG in your phone, the time has come.

One crucial note: The mobile edition can be a partially-open beta. You need a premium Jagex membership to get into it presently, as there are an install limit available to make sure servers aren’t overwhelmed. The limit increases over time, for those times you can’t download the sport right away, just try again later.

With this version of Old School Runescape, Jagex has added these notes:

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