Old School Runescape Mobile Downloads Has Passed 5 Million Mark
Old School Runescape Mobile Downloads Has Passed 5 Million Mark

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Recently, Jagex has announced that Old School Runescape Mobile port has passed its Five-Million-Downloads mark on iOS and Android. 

The news augurs well for the release of the main RuneScape MMO on Smartphones, which is currently experiencing a trial phase.
Old-School Runescape was released in 2013 and was a relaunch of the 2007 version of the game. It has since gone through several minor engine improvements and tweaks and aims at older fans and nostalgic players of the MMO who favour of original experience over the more modern iteration.
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The 18-year-old MMO also claimed its highest ever paid membership total over Christmas, breaking a record set in 2008.  Jagex CEO Phil Mansell described 2018 was a fantastic year as to the coming-of-age Runescape. He elaborated that Moving to Mobile has skyrocketed the growth of the further community. He also highly praised and expressed his gratitude to the "incredible team" who has been working on making this classic gameplay smoothly in a mobile device, achieved the accomplishment of building fully interoperable PC to Mobile cross-play for Runescape players.  
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"We find that the more we listen to, engage with, and empower the community the more if fosters a true connection; with each other and with the games. The big increases we're seeing in both membership and active users show that we're not only able to bring new players into RuneScape but we're able to offer the kind of rich, evergreen content that keeps them engaged for the long term.

"With this success, we've continued to increase investment levels to expand our games, as well as bringing in a slate of hugely talented people to join us in development, technology and publishing."
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