Old School Runescape Guide: How To Run Old School Runescape Gold?
Source: MMOAH

Old School Runescape is such a popular game that it has had a large number of players than Runescape since its release, and it has achieved a great success. However, there are still several problems to consider what the players are concerning.

How to earn enough OSRS Gold?
OSRS Gold is a fixed currency for trading among the players in Old School Runescape, which can be used to buy almost all in-game items, the most advanced equipment, more experience and more, and the players are always struggling to earn OSRS Gold as much as possible, but it sounds like a chore.

Busy with farming all day, completing daily quests with hundreds of hours, and adventuring, which is a bit monotonous, but you have to do it. Instead, buying some OSRS Gold may save you time for experiencing more game content, but it will cost you some real money.

Is it safe to buy OSRS Gold?
If necessary, you are recommended to buy some gold from the outside stores, but the security of the currency has always been the focus of players.

Almost everyone has viewed ads from some stores, but you'd better do so before your purchase to avoid being cheated:

Check out the stores' reputation on some consumer review sites and choose the best one;

Visit its official site of the store and chat with the customer service to ask about prices, discounts, after-sales services and refund policy;

Don't buy large quantities of gold for the first time, and if you are satisfied with the service, go on buying.

Anyway, think twice before trading to ensure your account safe.

May I sell extra OSRS Gold to someone else?
In theory, it is allowed, but you must follow a formal process.

If you are someone who played hard and made millions of gold, you can play as you like, but there will still be some left. Search for some trusted buyers, either in the game or outside the game, and then sell them to others.

Never leak any your personal information to others or accept the kindness of strangers, price your goods based on the market price for a little profit.

All in all, OSRS Gold is one of the important factors in determining the success of the game, use them reasonably to play better.

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