Old School RuneScape on iOS and Android
Old School RuneScape on iOS and Android

The billion-dollar franchise and globally recognized MMORPG, RuneScape is ready to take the world back to 2007. Old School RuneScape launched yesterday in full on iOS and Android.  Jagex is celebrating Old School RuneScape achieving a groundbreaking milestone, becoming the first mainstream PC MMORPG to release in its entirety on mobile devices.

A Historic Moment for Old School RuneScape and Jagex

In addition to this historic moment in the world of gaming, Jagex's step into the world of mobile devices offers gamers a seamless cross-platform play experience. This means gamers can easily and effortlessly jump from PC to mobile platforms and vice versa. There have been over one million pre-orders or pre-registrations placed by the RuneScape community. Additionally, there are already over a million already playing Old School RuneScape on Android devices which were a part of the Members’ Beta and soft launch.


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Old School RuneScape is a free-to-download app but joins the club with subscription-based apps like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube Premium. Not only is Old School RuneScape the first full PC MMORPG that expanded to mobile devices, but it will also be the first mainstream game to transfer their monthly membership to mobile. Most RuneScape players already know what a membership offers but for those that may not, this paid service gives gamers access to additional world locations, skills, quests, and massively expands the RuneScape universe.


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A membership doesn’t just apply to Old School RuneScape but also provides a membership for the current version of RuneScape as well. Modern RuneScape is not currently available on mobile devices.

RuneScape Membership pricing is as follows:

USD | GB Pounds | Euros

1 Month $10.99 £6.99 €9.49
3 Months $29.99 £18.99 €25.99
6 Months $54.99 £34.99 €47.99
12 Months $99.99 £62.99 €88.99

Old School RuneScape launched back in 2013, offering fans the opportunity to relive the glory days of the MMORPG. Many still see RuneScape as that browser-based MMO everyone played back when they were young kids, and that might be true. However, RuneScape has come such a long way and the end-game is surprisingly in-depth. RuneScape allows for countless hours of solo play as well as the option to take part in 100-player raids, far beyond the nostalgic RuneScape experience everyone remembers. It has even set itself apart by fully embracing a competitive community with a seasonal free-for-all event called Deadman Tournaments. The winners receive a huge cash prize and membership.

With over 250 million player accounts worldwide, RuneScape has been going strong since 2001 and only shows signs of continuing to move forward. It’s been a long while since any member of the Gigamax Games crew played either the new or old RuneScape but it might be time for a hasty return.

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