Old School RuneScape Bounty Hunter Rework Beta & Part Of Feedback
Old School RuneScape Bounty Hunter Rework Beta & Part Of Feedback

At some point last week, Jagex launched the Bounty Hunter Rework Beta of Old School RuneScape, while Bounty Hunter was a player killing mini-game located in the Wildness developed in 2007, which first removed PVP from the wilderness, and did bring special challenges, oh... and rewards.

Until this year, Jagex finally released its rework, although this is just a beta to test all of the changes, it has been prepared and expected for a long time. Starting this August, Jagex is warming up the long-awaited Bounty Hunter Rework design from the announcements. It is said that the rework overhauled many features of Bounty Hunter including a new points system, player bounties and PVP system, and now we are finally able to take a look at them in the beta. Jagex is also taking advantage of this opportunity to gather up the players' feedback and make adjustments based on them.

Bounty Hunter Rework Mysterious Emblems
Second to none, the mysterious emblem OSRS transformed from the archaic emblem in the Bounty Hunter Rework, and now players can buy them at the Emblem Trader. They are priced as follows:

Tier 1 emblems might cost 75,000 GP and the higher tiers will cost twice as much as the last respectively, going up to tier 5 at 1,200,000 GP. While playing the mini-game, you can also be allowed to earn Old School RuneScape Gold through it.

Moreover, you have to obtain the Bounty Points depending on the number of targets you kill.

Per 20 targets killing to get 25 Points
Per 50 targets killing to get 50 Points
Per 100 targets killing to get 75 Points
Per 250 targets killing to get 100 Points
Per 1000 targets killing to get 150 Points

In a word, the more targets you kill, the more Bounty Points you can get.

More changes to OSRS Bounty Hunter Rework
1.Rune pouch and looting bag is polling for trade through the upcoming Twisted Leagues poll, and during this period, they can only be obtained by the Slayer reward shop or the Bounty Hunter reward shop.

2. You can't kill the targets until receiving over 30 combats.

3. You don't need to wait 6 minutes to get a new target after dying to a previous one.

4. An updated collapsible BH interface shows including, the target's display name, the Wilderness level range, whether they are in a multi-combat zone, the highest tier emblem they are carrying, your eligibility for an emblem upgrade, a button to see your current task, the time remaining on your task, a button to get a new task.

Jagex is collecting the players' feedback about this rework, and the beat is live for a few days by now, some players gave their initial feedback, such as:

Increasing the number of points awarded
Reducing the cooldown of the task timer to 20 minutes.

Jagex took the major feedback into consideration and is making adjustments in the next updates.

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