"World of Warcraft" is arriving with another expansion, as being the long-running massively multiplayer activity adds yet more features and keep players finding their way back. Two of the more expensive changes coming over to "World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth," the gamer levelling system update as well as the new allied races, have yet to be explained in greater detail by Blizzard.

It's the best thing, then, that GameSpot  got an opportunity to speak with "World of Warcraft" senior game designer Paul Kubit and producer Shani Edwards about these changes coming with all the new expansion.

For players who had been active inside game if the "World of Warcraft: Legion" expansion came into being, thinking about level-scaled regions inside MMO isn't new. For players going through the "Legion" areas, monsters, quests and rewards scaled to the level on the players, it lets them choose their unique progression paths inside the expansion without losing on experience points and gear.

This feature is actually being delivered for the entire game, even as a result of the starting zones for brand spanking new players, because new expansion equates. That also means people of numerous level ranges can get together and perform same objectives and have the rewards appropriate on their individual levels.

"In earlier times, everything you had to perform with fixed levelling was you needed to go to among three zones that had been the correct level to suit your needs and then head to this one and that one. It was very scripted," Kubit said.

There would have been a few exceptions, needless to say, for areas vital that you the "World of Warcraft" storyline. "On the whites of things, so that when you're a Level 1 character just getting yourself into the game you cannot go instantly to Icecrown. That should be something you appear forward to and also have to get stronger to complete," he added.

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