Bluehole Studio have updated MMO TERA with an all new class for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The new update brings by it a new playable class, the Gunner (which previously was published for the PC version). The Tank based class specializes in big damage which will hit a wide area, and placing turrets and constructs to combat alongside.

To celebrate the experience also has several time-exclusive events, as North America publisher En Masse Entertainment explains:

The team at En Masse is celebrating the launch from the gunner with a few special events and challenges:

  1. Starting today on and on through July 8, players will get one free additional Character Slot upon their first-time join to TERA that they can can use to produce a gunner (or all of TERA’s eleven character classes).
  2. Through July 22, gunners unlock special rewards when they level-up. If players get all the way to level 65, they’ll unlock a unique costume and weapon skin because of their gunner!
  3. The first gunner to attain level 65 on each server will likely earn a particular achievement and “Cutting Edge” title.

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