Neverwinter Sword of Chult Prepares For Its Console Release, Date Confirmed
Neverwinter Sword of Chult Prepares For Its Console Release, Date Confirmed

The latest expansion for your long-established title Neverwinter was announced earlier for PC, but this time console players are certain to get their practical the next phase within the MMORPG's narrative as Cryptic Studios confirms that it'll be making its way on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems in January! So get ready those awaiting Neverwinter Swords of Chult, since it will be here soon!

"The dangers throughout the jungles of Chult now threaten the walled capital of scotland- Port Nyanzaru from the all-new endgame Skirmish “The Merchant Prince’s Folly”. Players must rally to reduce ferocious dinosaurs, yuan-ti, the undead, and bands of batiri goblin!

Changes to stats, PvP gearing, plus more bring an updated experience to Neverwinter PvP. Additional discuss the refinement system, dungeon queuing, and campaign progression for alts offer something for both seasoned and new adventurers in Neverwinter!"

With every one of the new rewards and events that fans from the insanely popular MMORPG have coming their way, which the PC players have already been enjoying already since October, it is a fantastic time and energy to get your toon and dive back into the action. Especially so together with the revamped mechanics and tweaks created to the game's inherent PvP system. Gear up, up those stats, and obtain moving!

Neverwinter was initially released back June of 2013, now the console version of Swords of Chult will likely be dropping around the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 January 9th, 2018! For those that game on PC, the increase is live now.

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