Neverwinter Offers Double XP and Discounts on Services
Neverwinter Offers Double XP and Discounts on Services

If you are always looking to level up some characters in Neverwinter, now's event is made for you. Starting now and lasting until Monday, January 8th at 10am PT, players is able to make use of 2XP to go towards level 70 because of their characters as well as their companions. These are the actions which will grant 2XP through the duration of the wedding:

    XP gained from killing creatures in game.
    XP rewards from quests.
    XP rewards from invocation.
    Companions will even gain double XP. Even if you are level 70, your companions continues to gain double XP since you progress with the game.

Those who will be already at level 70 also provide something to take a look forward to now. During the same period, you will have a 20% discount on all things in the Service groups of the Zen Market. This includes character slots.

If you miss big celebration, don't get worried too much as 2XP events have happened many times before on this game, so prepare yourself for some likely be yet another one not too far into in the foreseeable future.

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