Neverwinter Lost City of Omu Trailer and Screenshots Released
Neverwinter Lost City of Omu Trailer and Screenshots Released

A new expansion is coming to your free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter. The expansion, titled ‘Lost City of Omu,’ continues the storyplot arc from Tomb of Annihilation for Neverwinter. You’ll face off against Acererak, a wicked lich. The free expansion features new adventure zones, a brand new endgame trial with battles contrary to the minions of Acererak, an expansion of the ‘Tomb of Annihilation’ campaign including deeper storylines along with a battle contrary to the lich himself, Acererak, gameplay alterations in class powers, and elimination of the 60-70 leveling curve for smoother player progression.

There is much more to the Tomb of Annihilation along with the death curse gripping Faerûn, and adventurers must seek answers inside the Lost City of Omu. A mysterious new zone loaded with crumbling temple ruins plus a labyrinth of underground tunnels offers new monsters to hunt, treasures to locate, repeatable adventures and Heroic Encounters featuring the dreaded Tyrant, an undead T-Rex with unique attacks. Continuing their campaign resistant to the evil lich, adventurers will investigate a lair infested with yuan-ti, where the doctor has to beat it can be and unearth tips for the Trickster Gods to get rid of Acererak plus the death curse.

‘Lost City of Omu’ is scheduled to push out a on PC on February 27th. The Xbox One and PS4 versions don't have a definitive release date yet, only expected sometime after February 27th.

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