Moonfire Faire Event Would Come With Patch 5.3 To Final Fantasy XIV
Moonfire Faire Event Would Come With Patch 5.3 To Final Fantasy XIV

As we all know, Final Fantasy XIV will release Patch 5.3, Reflections in Crystal on August 11, but this is not the only update this month. And the Moonfire Faire is an annual event in Final Fantasy XIV, which was held in the northern hemisphere during summer. Starting in 2013, the players will receive unique rewards after they complete specif quests, such as swimsuits.

The Moonfire Faire event 2020 will open on August 12, and won't come to an end until August 26, on the official site of Final Fantasy XIV, it introduces "A Fish Too Far", implying that there is not all smiles and sunshine in the event, but some dangers hidden in the dark.

There are not too many requirements in order to participate in the event for the players above level 30, who can start their adventure through finding Mayaru Moyaru at Limsa Lominsa's Upper Decks.

By now, we still can't get the details about the Moonfire Faire event, except for some pictures, on which players seem to be fighting against the grumpy shark, just as the name said, "Summer Shark Blowout".
After defeating the opponent, players have the opportunity to receive a series of event items as rewards, including Summer's Flame straw hat, top and wrist gear, pareo wraparound skirt, and sandals for both female and male characters.

Also, you could get a cute new Summer's Flame outfit, a special Flame Dance emote after completing the quest's objectives.

During the event, the best solution to defeat the sharks and opponents is to buy the virtual currency in it, Gil, when you start an adventure, it is indispensable to use advanced equipment and weapons purchased by FFXIV Gil to strengthen your characters.

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