"Minor Service Outage" In Fortnite Inflicted Bad Gaming Experiences Upon Players
"Minor Service Outage" In Fortnite Inflicted Bad Gaming Experiences Upon Players

Epic Games must feel pretty dizzy right now after its own Christmas Revelry. A lot of reports and complaints from Fortnite players who would have had their good time in the game on Wednesday ended going the other way around, claimed that they had got stuck with the frequent timeouts in the long queues or logging issues during entry to game servers. The company soon was aware of the issue and tweeted that an investigation towards the root behind the outage that some users were encountering with, was initiated already. 

The problem was recurred by us several hours ago, with the game frequently putting us into a queue for 5 minutes before timing out. However, after trying so hard at so many times, we did successfully log in one time and then, theatrically, running into the message"Unable to join the Fortnite login queue. Please try again later." One hour later, the queue is stretching around 10 minutes. We still don't manage to log in at the end of the queue countdown. 

Epic Games has directed the agonizing Fortnite Holiday players to its status page, where the company indicates that "minor service outage" having an impact on Game Services. The page also clarifies that Login and Matchmaking services are currently in the "Degraded Performance" status. TechCrunch already reached out to Epic regarding the cause of the downtime.

While it’s not quite as catastrophic for an online game as a proper Christmas day outage, the time between Christmas and New Year’s is sure to be a massive week for Epic’s hit game. Given that Epic makes bank charging for cosmetic upgrades through an online store, we’d be curious how much revenue the company loses every minute Fortnite is down during a peak play time. On the other hand, we might rather not know.

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