Michael Thomas Rated 99 OVR And Joined 99 Club Of Madden 20

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Back to our topic today, recently we got news that the New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas was finally part of the 99 Club on Madden NFL 20 after taking almost the entire season.

Maybe someone doesn't know what 99 Club means? The moniker was given to those with rating 99 Overall, Thomas was previously rated 98 Overall, and bumped up a point after setting the record for most reception in a single season.

Now let's review Thomas's performance in Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans, he got 12 catches in the game and brought the season total to 145 receptions, this is enough to prove Thomas' ability, and some laid a solid foundation for the upcoming Saints against Carolina Panthers.

After that, Thomas has become another member of Club 99 in Madden 20, and he is also one of the two wide receivers to be given the game's highest rating.

Including Michael Thomas, a total of six players have been rated 99 throughout Madden 20, they are respectively, Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Houston, DeAndre Hopkins and Christian McCaffery.

Anyway, Thomas' efforts were finally rewarded and accepted by the public, hopefully, he could continue to perform in the next games, but the members of Club 99 in Madden 20 will change every week based on the performance of players, who knows who will be next in and out of the Club? Only waiting.

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