In a short article recently published by Abendzeitung, it is often announced that Mats Hummels can look on ProSieben’s tv series “Beginner vs. Winner” (“Beginner gegen Gewinner”), where professional athletes compete against professional gamers on Fifa 18.

The Bayern Munich defender will face the Vice World Champion of FIFA 18, Kai “deto” Wollin, on 28 April. Competitive for the pitch, Hummels will need to channel his inner gamer like a “beginner” competing up against the professionals. The German international will, however, receive a bit of help: he can have his range of three handicaps that weaken Wollin and work with his favour.

Of course, there's good incentive for Hummels to win: the match has taken place in the domain name of a good cause, each celebrity win against an established gamer will raise the jackpot and also the sum donated for the charity Red Nose Day. The money raised goes towards projects and institutions that support socially disadvantaged children.

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