Maplestory M Added New Luminous Hero And Three Major Events

Maplestory M is not an MMO with frequent updates, but it added a new Luminous Hero this time along with a series of content updates as New Year approaches.

Luminous Hero, who could defeat the Black Mage with a shining rod as the primary weapon and an orb as the secondary weapon. As the name suggests, he comes with a Flash Shower skill to attack the enemies, but it is difficult to distinguish whether he is a front or back character, because the bright back is dark.

As the last one of the five heroes of Maplestory M, Luminous Hero didn't come without anything, Maplestory M hosts events with valuable in-game items, level-up bonuses and gift box rewards, mainly in three events.

Hero Luminous Growth Event: Through January 13, the players with Hero Luminous could receive additional in-game items for upgrading when reaching a certain level.

1+2 Burning Event: Staring from now until January 13, all could progress two levels for every level-up within a certain level range.

Special Log-In Event: Until January, the players logged into Maplestory M could get a special gift box to help Luminous Hero level up.

That being said, you will be very busy around the New Year, surely, this is not enough.

To celebrate the hard-won holiday season, Maplestory M also starts several holiday events to provide additional gifts.

Happy Holiday Treasure Box: Through December 30, the players could find the winter treasure box keys in Normal Fields, Star Force Fields and mini dungeons, which can be used to unlock the winter treasure box, various in-game rewards like holiday coins would be inside it.

Happy Holiday 7-Days Attendance Sheet Event: From December 17-25, there is a week for Mapler to receive special rewards by logging in every day.

Happy Holiday Event: Before the New Year 2020, the Mapler could earn XP, rewards and Holiday Coins by playing Growing the Snowflake for 60 minutes and communing in New Year Square to ring.

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