Maplestory Lunar New Year Events Introduces The Legendary Hero Shade
Maplestory Lunar New Year Events Introduces The Legendary Hero Shade

In a few days, Chinese Lunar New Year is coming. In order to celebrate the festival, Nexon has added a bevy of Lunar New Year-themed events to Maplestory M, along with related items as rewards, mainly the legendary Hero Shade. There are two types of level-up events.

Lunar New Year 7 Day Attendance Event: Starting from January 20, there are several days for players to log-in Maplestory until February 3, and those participating players could gain attendance rewards for items and earn characters experience points.

Lunar New Year Achievement Event: At the same time, the players could gather up unique coins, one type of in-game currency of Maplestory M, which could assist with Starforce Reinforcement, Character Decorate item, as well as EXP Boost item.

Therefore, from January 20 to February 3, don't forget to log in it and unlock the unique rewards, which will help you level up quickly during Lunar New Year.

With those events, they introduce the legendary hero Shade, who is one of six heroes ending the sinister reign of Maplestory's biggest antagonist, the Black Mage. Shade is classified as a Pirate with a powerful force, good at using primary and secondary weapons of Knuckles and Fox Marbles to conquer enemies, making it become popular and high value.

In order to make players more familiar with the hero, Maplestory M also provides a series of limited-time events to level up.

Shade Growth Support Event: Starting from now, the players who reach a certain level could gain additional in-game items useful for a specific character's level up until February 24.

Shade Burning Event: Until February, any Shade character can level up for three levels for every level up within level 3 to 100.

Shade Celebratory log-in Reward Event: before January 22, everyone who logs in Maplestory M could get a special gift to level up the character once per account.

Heroes M Events: Until February 11, there are four different types of events to hold in honor of the six legendary heroes. Any character or player with those six heroes can get rewards to get boost for the characters.

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