The Cathy Mart Part-Time Job is a particular daily dungeon (can clear once per account per day) that requires four players. One player is on the top side of the map, separated by a wall from the rest of the group. That player will have to go to the customers and interact with them to see what the object is that they want to buy, and your three teammates on the bottom side of the map will have to find the item, dropping it into two holes for you to pick up and carry to the customers. After the item has been dropped though, the item disappears quickly after, so be careful not to drop it when the top player is too far away. 

You repeat this process several times, and you will be awarded 5 tokens that you can use to spin for vouchers and items in Queenstown (each attempt takes five tokens). 

The possible rewards are...

  • 2 Hairstyle Voucher Fragments (You need 10 to create one voucher)
  • 1000 Crystal Fragments
  • 6 Elixirs
  • 1 Meso Eye Drop (Consumable, increases Meso gained from monsters by 20% for 15 minutes)
  • 1 World Chat Voucher
  • 2 Cosmetics Voucher Fragments (You need 10 to create one voucher)
  • 2 Face Change Voucher Fragments (You need 10 to generate one voucher)
  • 2 Gear Dye Voucher Fragments (You need 10 to produce one voucher)
  • 2 Skin Tone Change Voucher Fragments (You need 10 to create one voucher)
  • 1 Revive Voucher (Free revive on the spot)
  • 1 Free Rotors Walkie-talkie (Used to call an air taxi to a place that you have visited before)
  • 1 Party Summon Scroll (Used to summon all party members to one location)

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