MapleStory 2 Guide: How To Make It Through And Reach To Higher Rounds In Dark Descent Dungeon
MapleStory 2 Guide: How To Make It Through And Reach To Higher Rounds In Dark Descent Dungeon

Dark Descent is a dungeon available once you reach to level 50 that can be undertaken up to three times a week. There is a scoring system that is applied to rank you against other players. You get points by slaughtering monsters, and you lose points by getting hit. Once you die or clear 30 rounds, you will be rewarded with Havi Berries which can be used at the Havi Berry vendor in Queenstown. The higher your current round, the less healing you can get from healing effects.


There is also supposed to be a weekly quest that can be garnered at the Stonehill Dig Site in Perion that drops several hundreds of Havi Fruit as a reward, but it seems to have been removed or not implemented into the game yet.


You will have reduced healing on these floors:

6-10: 10% Reduced Healing

11-15: 20% Reduced Healing

16-20: 50% Reduced Healing

21-25: 80% Reduced Healing

Round 1


Not much to say about this round. There are some Vengeful Soldiers and Vengeful General. Kite them and kill them to move on.

Round 2


This round shouldn’t be anything special either. The enemies are Frenzied Rottentail, Vile Rottentail, and Horrific Rottentail. The only thing noteworthy is that the Frenzied Rottentail will shoot projectiles at you, and they may be a little hard to see. Kite them and just be cautious about the projectiles.

Round 3


The enemies are Writhing Zombies and Lantern Tomb Keepers. Just try to dodge the 3 projectile attacks that the Lantern Tomb Keepers shoot at you to minimize how many points you lose. You will also need to be careful about staying too close to the Wraiths since they have an attack where they create a field that stuns you momentarily.

Round 4


This round is special because instead of killing all the enemies, you are supposed to survive for 30 seconds. The enemies on this round are Bustling Bunnies which charge up before dashing towards you. Try to kill as many as possible to get as many points as you can since they will endlessly respawn.

Round 5


Your first boss round. The enemy is Mushfam who has a jump attack and a windup into projectiles which leave fields on the round. When the round starts, Mushfam will start off with a giant AOE pull attack that does an insane amount of damage. If your defense is not high enough, it will most likely one shot you instantly. You can avoid the very first instance of this attack by hiding in the very corner until you see the boss, or by being in the very center at the start. Afterward, Mushfam will repeat this attack occasionally, so watch out for that. The AOE pull attack has a cooldown of around 18-20 seconds, so try to predict it and run away from it before it goes off. Below is a video of me on my Priest which you may find useful.

Round 6


This round has Polar Frost Lilfangs and Burning Flame Lilfangs. Try to stay away from the Flame Lilfangs until you clear the Frost Lilfangs. Kite the Frost Lilfangs by going from corner to corner, or staggering them to death. Once the Frost Lilfangs are dead, you can kill the Burning Flame Lilfangs with ranged attacks if you have any.

Round 7


The enemies are Koborc Trainers and Mad Koborc Bombers. Similar to the previous round, the Mad Koborc Bombers are stationary and will throw bombs at you. One thing to note is that these bombs go a minimum set distance, meaning that if you stay in melee range of them they can not hit you so you may find that useful if you're a melee class and they're the only enemies left.

Round 8


Like round 4, you will also have to survive for 30 seconds against Jawbreaker Bruisers and Jawbreaker Shotcallers. Unlike the bunnies, they will not dash towards you and run towards you like normal monsters. Use this opportunity to get as many points as you can!

Round 9


This round consists of only Spooked Spooks. They will shoot projectiles at you and occasionally turn invisible. Even though they are invisible, you can hit them.



Round 10


Your second boss round. You will face against the Subterranean Slime King. He has a jump attack like Mushfam and another attack that creates water on nearby tiles. If you get hit by these water tiles, you will be stuck in a bubble (which contributes to a trophy by the way).

Round 11


This is an interesting round where you can't just brute force it. There is a Gluttoad in a corner that you don't deal damage to. Instead of attacking the Gluttoad, you are supposed to kill the Nutritious Larva that is crawling towards the Gluttoad and avoid killing the Acid Spiders. When the Nutritious Larva or Acid Spider gets in range of the Gluttoad, he will eat them and heal if he ate the Nutritious Larva and take damage if he ate the Acid Spider. While all this is happening, rocks will be falling from the sky that deals a chunk of damage, so do your best to avoid them. The round is complete when Gluttoad dies from eating too many acid spiders.

Round 12


An annoying round where you face up against Bubble Frillers. They will shoot a ton of bubbles at you that stun and deal damage. Not much else to say other than to dodge as best as you can and not rage when you're permanently stunned.

Round 13


A very difficult and annoying round. You will be facing up against a bunch of Thieving Monkeys. They will throw bananas at you that deal damage to you and confuse you for 5 seconds if you get hit. While confused, all your direction keys are reversed so you will have to learn how to flip between normal and reversed keys. On top of that, the monkeys tend to run away from you. My strategy is to herd the monkeys into a corner and then AOE them down. This is a pain for Priests though, and you should expect to lose a lot of points on this round.

Round 14


In this round, you will go up against a bunch of Reflective Crabbies. When they glow blue/purple, they will be vulnerable, but once they turn green/yellow, you will only deal 1 damage to them.

Round 15


The third boss that you will face is a Rotted Snag. One of the attacks you have to watch out for is the breath attack that deals a lot of damage. He will also have an attack that shoots projectiles in 3 directions that stun you. When he swings his arm up before attacking and you hear a whirling sound, he's going to do a dash + swipe 4 times towards you. The most important thing is to dodge the stunning projectiles, as it will result in you getting hit by the other attacks right afterward.

Round 16


This floor has two rings of poison on the floor, so make sure you don't stand on them. You will face up against a bunch of Lil Stealthy Boogies that will shoot projectiles at you and silence you (can't use abilities). The rings of poison on the floor will also turn you big, increasing your hitbox and making you both deal and take an extra 100% damage for 5 seconds.

Round 17


This time you will face up against a bunch of Bursting Slimes. These slimes will explode and deal damage in an area around them after they die, so watch out.

Round 18


You will go up against 5 Jawbreaker Protectors that reflect damage while they are swinging their nunchucks. You can try to weave in attacks in between their swings. There is no time limit and they do not chase you, so feel free to attack them and then heal up.

Round 19


You will go up against Blooming Oniolings and Onitobis. They shoot projectiles at you, so watch out. The onitobis will shoot 3 projectiles at you, while the Oniolings will throw one single bomb at you.

Round 20


You will face up against the Deus Ex Ox that mostly does a charge attack and a swing, with the occasional spinning attack.

Round 21


You will go up against Dark Bronze Hogs that have a wind up before charging towards you. Nothing special.

Round 22


You will face up against Corrupted Corpses, Risen Corpses, and Corrupted Zom-moms. The corpses will chase you, while the zom-moms will shoot projectiles towards you. Some of the corpses shoot projectiles at you too, so watch out.

Round 23


You will face Masked King Avengers on this round. They will shoot homing projectiles at you, and shoot AOEs in a cone towards you.

Round 24


This round contains Black Wolves and Silver Razorclaws, and you will have to survive for 30 seconds. They are nothing special, so use this opportunity to get as many points as possible.

Round 25


You will face up against two bosses, Nyxie the Runaway and Epi the Lost.

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