MapleStory 2 Guide: How To Boost Yourself Fast And Make It To Max Level Quickly
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It has officially been nearly two months since Maplestory 2 launched back on October 1. At this point and time, we're pretty positive that many gamers are already shifting to Raids Conquest at max level 60. Although, if you’re a veteran that has been playing since its predecessor, we all know that one character in the game just isn’t enough. So here are some tips on how to level fast in Maplestory 2!


Level 1 ~ 50


Focus on the main quests

For real, though. Don’t leave your main quests behind. The main quest reward gives so much EXP that you can make it to level 50 easily in approximately eight hours. If you’re levelling a second character, it should go even faster. Just ignore all the dialogue and cutscenes. Make sure to not get sidetracked by side quests! Plenty of chances, later on, to get back and finish them if you are still curious about the story. Side quests are mostly intriguing and memorable stories so you wouldn't miss out much by focusing on the main story.

Give your alt the advantage

You can’t do this next bit if it is your first character. But if you happen to be levelling an alt, dump those Rotor Walkie Talkies into the Goldus Bank chest. This will make your alts move faster as they go from one place to another while completing quests. Alternatively, if you wanna reserve those tickets then just take the Taxi – Mesos in on the table and you have to pay for your ride. Other than Walkie Talkies, you could also pass your alt a fast mount from your main account. Anything that can give it a little boost, really.


Level 50 ~ 60


You would assume that the last ten levels are the hardest, on the contrary, it’s surprisingly easy. At this point, you’ll be out of main quests. Is this where we give in to side quests? Absolutely not. This is where your Life Skills come in handy since they give flat EXP.


It’s a common sense in MapleStory 2 that once you get your first performing sheet from the quest NPC, you don’t exploit it on manual performance. It's proved that you will work well with the exception of those for the quest. This is because if you perform manually, it consumes the sheet usage amount. However, if switched to via auto-perform, the usage amount will not be consumed. So once you get to 50, pop that auto-perform 30-minute / 1-hour ticket and you’ll be level 60 in no time.


Other than performing, fishing is also an excellent choice to help you level faster despite it being slightly complicated. It’s totally a waste of using auto-fish ticket from beginner level. Ranking fishing skill up is not the same either. It’s a whole lot to get into so I won’t but if I do, it has to be an isolated guide. If you don’t mind spending some extra hours to your brief process, manually get your fishing level to Intermediate then auto-fish from there.

So how do you decide which one today? Simple – check the top left of your screen and look at the ticker. If it’s double EXP day for performing, then perform and if it's not, then don't.

Hunt World Bosses

You could solo-quest this but join a party or a team would be better. It's your call now though, it’s just faster with a party and that’s the point of this guide, yeah? Currently, World Bosses give ~15% EXP at level 50. So if you’re down to channel quest and hunt for bosses or is simply just out of auto-tickets, you could opt to do this. Maplestory 2 wiki has the respective spawn time of bosses for anyone to check upon. Here’s the list of World Bosses. Make sure you’re killing those on the list and not Elite Bosses.

That’s it! There is no biggie to level in MapleStory 2. But there are always some other methods to boost yourself fast in MapleStory 2. For example, if your main has Rank 4 Cooking, Pine Mushroom Stew gives 50% EXP boost for 2-hours. But since the principle here is following through the simplest and fastest, so it’s really just – do your main quests then auto-ticket life skill your way to 60. Personally, from 50 to 60, I left my Priest to smash tunes (auto-perform) for 6-hours and when I woke up from a nap, it was 60 already.

If you’re not in 60 level yet, Chaos Raids will not open up for you and you will definitely miss out the fascinating hard fights with Dungeon Bosses.

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