You can see the AP or SP achievements and their progress by going to your Trophies (default Y key), going to All, clicking on Filter Rewards, unselect All Rewards, and then check either Attribute Points or Skill Points.

Level Up

Leveling to 60 gives you 51 SP, with an additional 4 SP from level-related trophies. You also get 11 AP from level-related trophies.

Prestige Rewards

You will get AP at certain Prestige ranks. The ranks that you will get AP are:

Rank 3: 2 AP
Rank 5: 2 AP
Rank 7: 2 AP
Rank 9: 2 AP
Rank 11: 2 AP
Rank 13: 2 AP
Rank 14: 2 AP
Rank 15: 4 AP
Rank 25: 4 AP
Rank 35: 4 AP
Rank 45: 4 AP
Rank 55: 4 AP
Rank 65: 4 AP
Rank 75: 4 AP
Rank 85: 4 AP
Rank 95: 4 AP


Total of 50 AP possible from Prestige Rank


Map Exploration Rewards

10 Stars = 3 AP
30 Stars = 3 AP
50 Stars = 3 AP
150 Stars = 3 AP

Total of 12 AP from Map Exploration Goals


AP Trophies

True Power - Reach level 50 (1 AP)
Defying Limits - Reach level 60 (10 AP total)

  • You get 2 AP at level 15, 3 AP at level 25, 2 AP at level 35, and 3 AP at level 45, for a total of 10 AP.

Positively Beastly - Defeat 100 Beast Enemies (1 AP)
A Grave Affair - Defeat 100 Undead Enemies (1 AP)
Oh the Humanity - Defeat 100 Humanoid Enemies (1 AP)
Spring Cleaning - Defeat 100 Inanimate Enemies (1 AP)

  • I found Clock Tower Square to be a great place to get this achievement done. Just run around in a circle and clear everything you see.

A True Marathoner - Run 5 KM (1 AP)
Float - Fly 100 Meters (1 AP)
Boing, Boing - Jump 100 Times (1 AP)
Warming Up - Complete “A True Marathoner”, “A Seal at Heart”, “Keep on Trucking”, “Float”, and “Spider-Mapler” achievements at their first tier (1 AP)

  • A True Marathoner - Run 5 KM
  • A Seal at Heart - Swim 500 Meters
  • Keep on Trucking - Ride a ground mount 1 KM
  • Float - Fly 100 Meters
  • Spider Mapler - Wall-climb 100 Meters. You can go to your house and setup a tall wall that you can just go up and down to complete this.

Victorian Pathfinder - Explore 100 Victoria Island maps (1 AP)
The Boro Code - Remove the thorny vines and save 10 boroboro in Cherry Blossom Hill (1 AP)

  • CAN BE PARTIALLY COMPLETED DURING STORY. Throughout the dungeon there are several boroboro trapped in vines that you can interact with to free them. You can get a total of 7 out of the 10 done in one run, as the one after the boss counts. If you don’t want to waste a weekly or daily dungeon clear, you can clear 5 or 6 of them and then leave the dungeon, then create a new instance and finish off the achievement, then leave again.

Palace Undercroft Custodian - Open a door or clear debris 10 times in Palace Undercroft Dungeon (1 AP)

  • CAN BE PARTIALLY COMPLETED DURING STORY. Like above, you don’t have to finish the dungeon to complete this achievement. This achievement requires you to have run the dungeon at least 4 times, since you need to clear 10 times and each run gives a maximum of 3. The first door at the start and the 2 debris before the boss counts towards the achievement. After clearing the debris, you can leave the dungeon and start a new instance.

Freedom Regained - Free 30 Slaves in Katramus Mine (1 AP)

  • Again, same thing as the above two. Even though the description says Katramus Mine, you can enter the dungeon through the Challenge Map and join Katramus Depths (Level 43). If you want to, you can kill everything to make everything easier so you don’t have to sneak around. There should be two slaves at the very first area, drop down from there to another area for another slave, then interact with the lever to go up to another area. There should you see 3 more slaves. Interact with the lever to go up to the final area. There you should find 3 more slaves. After freeing them you can leave the dungeon as you don’t have to finish it. In total, one run will give you 9 slaves to free, meaning that you will have to run this dungeon at least 4 times.

Turtle Trouble - Weather the Giant Turtle’s attacks (1 AP)

  • The Giant Turtle is a World Boss that spawns at Beachway 111. You have to get hit by two specific attacks from the Giant Turtle. The first is to get hit by his water bubble thing, which has a blue cross indicator. He seems to do this attack starting at 50% health. The second is to get hit by his projectile brown attack, which seems to happen 25% health. It’s either that or the attack where he leaves stuff on the floor, but I couldn’t seem to get the trophy from that attack. The turtle spawns every hour at 35 minutes (1:35, 2:35, 3:35, etc…)

Shaman Smasher - Defeat Orreos (1 AP)

  • Go to Prism Falls and kill the Ponglets there to get a mask quest item. After you get the mask, go to Razed Forest near Perion and look for a portal to the Misty Temple in the mountains near the north-west area on the left side of a mountain. Go through the temple and interact with the throne to summon Orreos and kill him.

Future Tech - Fix Andy’s Time Machine 1 time in the Ludible Time Hall dungeon (1 AP)

  • Get the 4 numbers for the pass code by going into 4 different rooms at the start. In the next room, you will have to first interact with the right-most panel on the left side, and then the left-most panel on the right side, and then enter the time machine in the center. After teleporting through the time machine, there will be 4 time machine parts to collect around the map. You can find them by listening for the beeping. Use them on the broken time machine to fix it and get the achievement. Afterwards, you can leave the dungeon if you don’t want to waste a weekly or daily dungeon completion reward.

Beacon of Hope - Restore 10 gates and Revive 10 soldiers in the Cusp of Life dungeon (1 AP)

  • CAN BE PARTIALLY COMPLETED DURING STORY. You can just not kill the enemies and focus on letting the gates being destroyed and the guards being killed. Repair/revive them and you can quickly get this trophy completed. You don’t have to finish this dungeon to complete the trophy.

Welcome to Kerning City - Discover Kerning City (1 AP). Completed during story.
Welcome to Henesys - Discover Henesys (1 AP). Completed during story.
Welcome to Ellinia - Discover Ellinia (1 AP). Completed during story.
Welcome to Perion - Discover Perion (1 AP). Completed during story.
Hero of Henesys - Complete the quest "Elder's Request" (1 AP). Completed during story.
Time Among Friends - Play for 100 Hours (1 AP)
Shopaholic - Spend 10,000 Mesos buying items in shops (1 AP)
Living off the edge - Fall 9 meters 10 times (1 AP)
Mysterious Medicine - Cleanse poison 10 times in the Poison Cave dungeon (1 AP)

  • You can enter the dungeon and remove the poisons from the dungeon with interactable objects that will cleanse the poison for you. Basically, run into the poison to get poisoned, and cleanse it with the objects 10 times.

Exorcist Extraordinaire - Defeat the spirit of rage in the Testing Grounds dungeon (1 AP)

  • You only have to beat the first boss for the achievement. You can leave immediately after getting the trophy if you want so you don't have to waste a dungeon clear reward on this.

Rain of Fire - Throw bombs and missiles at approaching enemies in the Watchtower Rampart dungeon (1 AP)

  • The first round gives you the bombs, and the second round gives you the missiles. If you want, you can leave immediately after you get the trophies so you don't waste a dungeon clear reward on this, but there is an Oska Love Pillow mount drop available for this dungeon if you're interested...

Total of 37 AP from Trophies


SP Trophies

Self-motivated - Reach level 50 (4 SP total)

  • You get 1 SP at each tier (20, 30, 40, 50) for a total of 4 SP.

Killer Instincts - Defeat 3000 enemies (1 SP)
Exterminator - Defeat 100 Insect enemies (1 SP)

  • A good place to complete this is in Royal Road Plaza because it is teeming with snails that are low level and easily killable with AOE.

Vigilante Justice - Beat all golden tower dungeons (1 SP)

  • Golden Tower 7F is done through the story, but you still have to clear Golden Tower 4F and Golden Tower Elevator on your own. Because you have to clear these dungeons, they will count to your daily or weekly dungeon rewards. To avoid wasting your dungeon clear rewards, you have two options. First is to try to complete all three dungeons before you hit level 50 because all of your dungeon clear rewards are reset once you hit level 50. The second option is to wait until you hit your daily 10/10 cap or weekly 30/30 cap before completing these dungeons, since you won't get clear rewards but still complete the trophy. As a side note, the Golden Tower Elevator dungeon is a great place to work on your trophy where you throw tires.

The Journey Continues - Obtain 1,000,000,000 cumulative experience (1 SP)
Trophy Maniac - Obtain 500 Trophies (6 SP total)

  • You get 1 SP at each tier (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500) for a total of 6 SP.

Friend of the Fairfolk - Clear Cherry Blossom Forest and Toxic Garden (1 SP). Completed during story.
Arbiters of Chaos - Clear Forest of Chaos and Burning Pamokan (1 SP). Completed during story.
No Mystery Too Big - Clear Ludibrium Clock Tower, Moonlight Fortress, and Muros Studio dungeons (1 SP)

  • Ludibrium Clock Tower is already completed if you do the story, but Moonlight Fortress and Muros Studio must be completed on your own. Same thing as in Vigilant Justice, you can do the same thing to avoid wasting your weekly and daily clears. When doing Muros Studio, you can click the dismount button on your character's picture and fight normally with your own skills.
Total of 17 SP from Trophies


In total, you can get 68 SP and 50 AP (up to 100 AP with max prestige rank)
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