MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: How To Get Your Own Fishing Mastery Fast In The Game
MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: How To Get Your Own Fishing Mastery Fast In The Game

This Fishing guide will demonstrate everything you may need to pick up MapleStory 2 Fishing Proficiency.

MapleStory 2 is filled with plenty of intriguing quests and one of the most adorable is fishing. Let's move on to how you should begin with your fishing journey in MapleStory 2. The first thing you need to prepare is a fishing rod.

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: Finding A Fishing Rod

There is no doubt that you must have yourself a fishing rod before getting started on fishing. The approach to acquiring a fishing pod is progressing in the side quest or buying one from a Fishing Supplies Dealer in Tria or Evansville.

After that it's pretty simple, just looking for some water area and double-click on it after outfitting with the fishing rod. Using your keyboard keys to plot where you prefer to throw the bait and finally pressing the space bar casts your rod.


Once a fish bites your bait, you must keep tapping the spacebar so that the fish stays in the twinkling area until the meter fills up.

If you prefer doing this automatically than fishing manually, you can unlock and apply auto-fishing option by purchasing merits or coupons.

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: Fishing Locations

Finding places to fish is fairly simple, you just need to find ample pools of water. Other than that you can fish in lava, venom and oil too. Some dungeons too have special fish that you can’t get anywhere else so you should definitely be casting you rod any and everywhere you can.

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: Fishing Proficiency

Fishing Master regulates what kinds of fishes and items players can garner. The below chart is the full tier of Fishing Master levels:

Fishing Mastery LevelFishing Mastery Value
Beginner I 0
Beginner II 80
Beginner III 160
Beginner IV 240
Intermediate I 320
Intermediate II 400
Intermediate III 480
Intermediate IV 560
Advanced I 640
Advanced II 720
Advanced III 800
Advanced IV 880
Master 1,000

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: Earning Fishing Master Points

Fishing Master Points are earned by catching a fish you haven't caught before. How many points you get vary by what rank the fish you caught up is. The points you will get are:

Points are also gained by fishing in areas that match your current Fishing Master level. Whenever your level goes up the amount of fish you need to catch goes up by 2, so it's better to fish in high-rank areas.


Prize Fishes are also valuable as they bring you points identical to what you will get from catching a fish for the first time.

Below is the number of points you can get by catching new fish divided by level:

Fishing Mastery LevelTotal Points
Beginner I 56
Beginner II 26
Beginner III 28
Beginner IV 34
Intermediate I 46
Intermediate II 40
Intermediate III 54
Intermediate IV 50
Advanced I 50
Advanced II 82
Advanced III 68
Advanced IV 68
Total 602

Since there are 1,000 total points to obtain, players will need to get 398 more points after catching all the fishes for the first time.

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: Unknown Fish Locations

You can find locations to every single fish here.

Below are the fishes with unknown locations.

List of fish with Unknown locations:

Master ranked fish with Unknown locations:

Did the guide help you? Was anything mentioned inaccurate? Let us know in the comments.

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