Madden NFL 21 Season Prediction- Release Date And Cover Athlete
Madden NFL 21 Season Prediction- Release Date And Cover Athlete

With the 2019-20 NFL season is halfway, and the players are most concerned about what will happen next, also known as Madden 21. Not too long to wait, as the Super Bowl LIV comes to an end, EA will announce Madden 21 in April at the NFL Draft, so the article is about the details of Madden 21, including its release date, the cover athlete star prediction.

On August 2 last year, EA released the latest installment of Madden NFL series, and featured Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the cover athlete. It seems to be a long history that Madden series will release every August due to the convention, so Madden 21 will also launch on Xbox One and PS4 in August 2020, possibly in the early of this month, or by the end of July, at that time, all game modes of Madden 21 will be online by EA.

Now, assuming EA follows a similar schedule and announces Madden 21 on the first day the 2020 NFL Draft, it will launch on Thursday, April 23, 2020, just like EA announced Madden NFL 20 on April 25, 2019, the day one of the 2019 NFL Draft and confirmed an August 2 release date at the same day.

As for who will win the cover athlete of Madden NFL 21, no one could know precisely the result, but we can still make some reasonably informed speculation, which is one of the topics that fans care about most.

As the Super Bowl came to an end, Patrick Mahomes' performance impressed the fans and won the victory. With such outstanding results, he should have been featured the one most likely to be the cover athlete, but this is not the first time that he has achieved such an impressive score.

The cover athlete of Madden 20 once ended Madden Curse, but as a rule, he won't be the cover athlete back-to-back years, at this time, some potential players are still likely to be selected, such as Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, 2019's MVP.

Beyond that, who do you think is more capable of being a cover athlete? Give your opinion.

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