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Sometimes, Madden's annual Super Bowl prediction is eerily accurate. In 2015, it besides accurately predicted one more score of Super Bowl XLIX, but that the Patriots stomach from behind to overpower the Seattle Seahawaks. It also predicted the receiver would you catch the winning TD plus the exact form of pass listen to it would be. Scary stuff.

This year, however, Madden's simulation was drastically wrong in almost any major way. Madden's simulation predicted the New England Patriots would defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-20 in Super Bowl LII. In reality, the Eagles defeated the Pats to assert their first-ever title by way of a score of 41-33.

Madden's sim said Patriots QB Tom Brady would win the Super Bowl MVP; he didn't. The more deserving Eagles QB Nick Foles took home that award. Below are other sorts of things that this Madden sim got wrong in 2010:

Madden Prediction: Eagles score first having a touchdown run by Jay Ajayi.
Reality: Eagles score first using a field goal.

Madden Prediction: Brady connects with Danny Amendola for any first-quarter touchdown.
Reality: Brady linked with Amendola eight times for 152 yards, but never for the touchdown.

Madden Prediction: Patriots score two touchdowns inside the second quarter on passes to Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks.
Reality: The Patriots scored zero touchdowns from the second quarter, and Cooks left the game using a terrible-looking head injury.

Madden Prediction: Brady threw an interception that triggered an Alshon Jeffery touchdown.
Reality: Brady didn't throw an interception within the game.

Madden Prediction: Chris Long, an early Patriot, recorded a sack on Brady.
Reality: Brady was sacked once, crucially, inside the fourth quarter. Brandon Graham recorded the sack.

Madden Prediction: Eagles safety Malcolm Jennings stripped the ball from Patriots running back Dion Lewis, producing a turnover.
Reality: Lewis never fumbled the ball within the game.

Madden Prediction: The game ended with Foles heaving a hail mary to Jeffery, but Patriots DB Stefon Gilmore breaks it down to secure the Patriots win.
Reality: It was Brady who threw a desperate pass as time expired, looking to give the Patriots the come-from-behind victory. The ball was tipped in the air inside endzone, giving Patriots fans hope for just a moment, but it really was not supposed to be (for your Patriots).

Madden Prediction: Gronkowski leads all receivers with four catches for 107 yards along with a touchdown.
Reality: Amendola led all receivers with eight catches for 152 yards without touchdowns.

Madden Prediction: Ajayi led all rushers with 73 yards as well as a touchdown.
Reality: Former Patriot Legarrette Blount was the highest rusher, getting your hands on 90 yards on 14 carries.

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