Nexon announced that Mabinogi’s action MMORPG prequel Vindictus will turn off in Japan, where it’s often known as Mabinogi Heroes, after almost seven many years of service since its launch in November 2011.
Vindictus happens in the same setting as Mabinogi, but it occurs several hundred years prior to first game once the world was at war and strife. It’s a free-to-play title that has an action-based system and much more realistic graphics as compared to its more anime-style MMORPG sequel.

The game first launched in Japan on November 30, 2011 and it will turn off on August 29, 2018. Its microtransaction items purchased with Nexon Points aren't available today, but things that have already been purchased can nonetheless be used till the game shuts.

Nexon is arranging a special event to commemorate the final of Vindictus in Japan, all of which will share more information on that over a later date.

Vindictus is accessible on PC via Steam.

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