MMOAH new version page is coming soon

Apr 22, 2019 Source: MMOAH

MMOAH will usher in new upgrades in the next few days, new LOGO design, brand new website layout, and new user experience.

We focused on optimizing the speed of the website and the features of the shopping cart. As well as the classification and arrangement of products, it is easier for customers to preview the product list and reduce the order process to a certain extent. The new page is currently being tested and is expected to be officially launched next week.

When you open If you find that the layout and logo of the website have changed, don't be surprised, don't worry, you didn't visit the wrong website, which means that the new MMOAH page is online.

At the same time, we also welcome you to give more suggestions to MMOAH, we will continue to optimize other modules of the website, our team will try our best to do our best, thank you for your support.


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