Dear friends from MapleStory 2,

   Hello, by the end of this special and eventful week, as a member of MMOAH customer services reps, I genuinely hope y’all had a great and delightful week and was about to embrace another grand journey in the upcoming weekend. My best wishes to you and your study or work are retained for all the time.

   As for MMOAH’s weekend plan, we are here to inform you that there will be a unique and spectacular “Pre - Black Friday Grand Lucky Draw” event, called “Parade of Luckiness” which has been elaborately and exclusively designed for all players that will place any orders regarding MapleStory 2 in MMOAH during the period of event. As you can see from here, we are sincerely welcoming and inviting you to attend this event and seize every opportunity and fortune to win the prizes, which contains 50 Million MapleStory 2 Mesos as the highest prize! Here is the detailed procedure of how this event will operate, and what’s to notice:


1.Lucky Draw Event Duration Time: Nov, 10th - Nov, 14th

2.Entry Requirement: all players who placed one or more orders regarding MapleStory 2 Mesos and its boosting service on MMOAH.Any orders that are irrelevant to MapleStory 2 or placed out of the regulated dates will not be granted for the privilege.

3.Selected candidates requirement: Receiving and replying us back the invitation we sent you. If you don’t reply back during the period of selected time, the No-Reply status will be seen as automatically quitting the Lucy Draw event.

4. The reward of the lucky players will be a different amount of MapleStory 2 Mesos respectively, granted by MMOAH through Item Auction in Black Market.  

5. The prize winners of this Lucky Draw Event will be randomly chosen from the candidates' group. Winners number limitation is 13. MMOAH guarantee the winners' list won’t be cut and dried in the very beginning or selected from hidden criteria.

6. The winners' list will be publicly announced by MMOAH on its news section, official FaceBook page, official Twitter Page once it’s settled down. Meanwhile, we will directly contact the winners from the list to notify the prize to redeem procedure and make sure the rewards granted accurately.

7. The prizes are set to be layered. It means that all prizes are classified with five different levels. Each level corresponds to a different prize. Here is a chart to explain the details of rankings, corresponding prizes, and member limits etc.



Prize rankings

Winners number

Prize contents

Grant method

Redeem deadline



50 Million  Mesos

Item Auction

Nov 14th



40 Million  Mesos

Item Auction

Nov 14th



30 Million  Mesos

Item Auction

Nov 14th



20 Million  Mesos

Item Auction

Nov 14th



10 Million  Mesos

Item Auction

Nov 14th