MMOAH 2018 Yearly Sum-Up And 2019 New Year Greetings
MMOAH 2018 Yearly Sum-Up And 2019 New Year Greetings


Hi, all friends and consumers. At the very end of this unforgettable year, on behalf of my company MMOAH and all staffs, I am here to show my infinite gratitude and utter respect to all of you for your consistent support and tremendous support on our business. We are really grateful for you staying next to us as we take on the formidable path to success, mightiness, and joyfulness. And most importantly, thank you for your concerns for us in 2018, and Happy New Year of 2019!!!

This year, 2018, it’s really difficult to wrap it up in a nutshell. As our business was on track in the very beginning of this year and has been thriving in the industry for the next few months, we hit bumps in the road from time to time simultaneously. Thanks to having all of you being so supportive of us, we managed to turn it around, in the end, every time. Now, we are happily announcing that we have pushed out over 80 in-game currencies transaction channels, more than 150 types of all different products and services, 50+ pieces of coupon code with different discounts, new Live Chat entry, VIP mechanism, and Membership Design... All the efforts and investments were being paid off, and God definitely rewards the diligent: MMOAH have accumulatively sold out 30,000 products and services, the served consumers throughout 6 continents, 86 countries; the Trustpilot Score of MMOAH website is steadily up to 96%; over 1000 old consumers have given us positive reviews towards MMOAH services and a five-star rating; MMOAH created a batch of successful moneymakers and in-game services for phenomenal sought-after games: SoulWorker Dzenai, NBA Live Mobile, Madden 19 Coins, MapleStory 2/M Mesos, Fortnite Items, Tera Gold, POE Currencies, Runescape Gold, DMO Tera... Now, you can browse from our website page with everything you need out there, process and deliver precisely within 30 minutes if you place an order. That’s what we can do right now!!!

The new year, 2019 is around the corner, so excessively dwelling on and being obsessed with old days’ success does not make sense at all to us. Breaking a new path, making a ground-breaking service, Providing brand-new productions at reasonable prices... That’s what we focus on and have been immersing ourselves in all the way around. To show our new year’s resolution and aspiration, we are promising you here that there are plenty of improvements and updates we will keep working on: More games and in-game currencies’ services will go alive the next year; faster and nicer response from our customer services reps; safer and more product-delivery lines and methods will be opened up; more payment methods, coupon codes are going to be generated and implanted... We believe that with all of your concerns and spurs, we will do much better than what we have achieved in this year and there is nothing can stand in the way of the bond and closeness between us and you guys.

In the end, let us stick together and build up a promising 2019 with our efforts and sweats. Today is not the end of the past, is the dawn of the future. All you need to know is MMOAH will always be here for you, for all gamers and dreamers, for all happiness and greatness.

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