Jagex Permanently Bans Twitch Streamer For Telling A Suicidal Person To Kill Themselves On Air
Jagex Permanently Bans Twitch Streamer For Telling A Suicidal Person To Kill Themselves On Air

Jagex Permanently Bans Twitch Streamer for Telling a Suicidal Person to Kill Themselves on Air - MMORPG.com

A YouTube streamer named "Aus_Swag" has been permanently banned from RuneScape after an incident when, while playing the game, he made a phone call to a suicidal person. According to Dexerto.com, Aus_Swag was asked by a friend to phone a suicidal woman "for advice and support". He did so during his RuneScape stream and, rather than offering support, "he instead simply states, 'I think you should just kill yourself'" while laughing along with other participants in the call.

After the incident was reported to the RuneScape team, they took to the game forums with the following post:

This morning we became aware that over the weekend a RuneScape player had live streamed himself calling a vulnerable individual who had admitted they were having suicidal thoughts, telling that person to kill themselves. The RuneScape player is not someone with whom Jagex has – or ever had – a business relationship but given the incredibly serious nature of the incident we have taken measures that make it clear such behaviour will not be tolerated. 

As a result, the individual has had their RuneScape account permanently banned with immediate effect. Jagex is incredibly passionate about mental health and wellbeing, and we will continue to do all we can to help those in our community – and beyond – receive the support they need to overcome the mental health challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.

It also appears that Aus_Swag's Twitch account has been banned as a "removed content" notice is present when accessing the URL.

Since that time, Aus_Swag has issued an apology, (see below) but does stop to offer a recorded conversation where he asks the woman if she remembered him saying she should kill herself. She says no.

"First off, I'd like to say that I am sincerely sorry for my actions last night on stream.

"I had called a girl who is suicidal and said, "I think you should kys" which was a careless attempt at a joke. When doing this I had my phone's microphone muted because I never intended to try and put her or anyone at risk.

"I understand that suicide is a truly serious issue and has a widespread effect on everyone."

Subsequently, Aus_swag also made a $200 donation to Beyond Blue, a suicide prevention charity.


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