Warfronts are probably the big latest features in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. But since these were first mentioned at BlizzCon 2017, there’s been some confusion about what they actually are and just how they’ll work. While we don’t have every detail around the gameplay of the massive scale battles, game director Ion Hazzikostas gave us some system level information after a visit to Blizzard Entertainment a couple weeks ago.

Warfronts are 20-player PvE missions that mimic a real-time strategy game, drawing serious inspiration from Warcraft 3. But instead of manipulating the peons and infantry, each player-controlled character provides a hero would, leading the charge and swinging the battle as part of your faction’s favor.

The first these Warfronts is going to be Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands, a classic Vanilla WoW zone. The mission will rotate between Alliance and Horde. The example we had been given was that the Alliance would begin holding Stromgarde if your expansion launched. After Horde players completed enough resources with their faction leaders, they will launch a Warfront.

Over the subsequent week or so, Horde players would then be capable of jump into your activity and reap the rewards. Once the Warfront ended, the Horde could be victorious of their conquest and contain the zone. When the Alliance players gathered enough war supplies, much like the Horde did, they'd launch a counter Warfront, which could also be intended for about a week.

Hazzikostas caused it to be clear that launching a Warfront is really as good as winning one. Because the activity is PvE and never PvP, there is absolutely no failure state. In some ways, this technique seems nearly the same as the Broken Shore buildings in patch 7.2 of World of Warcraft: Legion. Players would gather supplies and turn them into build a specific building. Each building could have different activities and bonuses, but would only work for a few days before being destroyed. There would then certainly be a cooldown period before it may be built again.

It appears that the zone will trade faction hands weekly or two, eventhough it isn’t entirely clear what this means. Hazzikostas got sound that the team remains to be trying to know what the rewards are for Warfronts and then for holding the zones. One suggestion was faction-only World Quests for the reason that zone for the whole time you secure the area.

There continues to be much that may be unknown about Warfronts, but everything should become a little more clear if they go up for testing on Battle for Azeroth’s alpha in some weeks. Either way, players won’t need to wait long to test Warfronts by themselves when Battle for Azeroth releases on Aug. 14.

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