How To Jump Into Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers?
How To Jump Into Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers?

This summer, the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers has been released, bringing a lot of new content, new classes, new game systems and other more. During this period, the new attempt has also received a good response, and the adventures are well prepared for this adventure, and the only thing they want to know is how to jump into Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers correctly.

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, developed and published by Square Enix in 2010, as the fourteenth entry of the main Final Fantasy series and the second MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI.

Choose a suitable server
Before entering the game, you need to choose a server for yourself, and there will be some differences between each server. In Final Fantasy XIV, a total of three regions of the server can be accessed, North America, Japanese and Europe, here are the respective different data centers as follows:
North America: Aether, Primal, Crystal
Japanese: Gaia, Elemental, Mana
Europe: Chaos, Light

Severs on the same data centers can be traveled between using a new "World Visit" service that lets you explore beyond your home server as a sort of guest. Keep that in mind as you select a data center.

Create a character for yourself with more than one job

You have the chance to choose the one you like best from a variety of jobs, but they all live in different cities, it's also available to choose your job based on the city you like. Archers, Lancers and conjurers born from in the cozy forest city-state of Gridania. While Thaumaturges, Pugilists and Gladiators start in the seedy city of Ul' dah. Arcanists and Marauders start in the sea port of Limsa Lominsa. Your character would not be limited on how many job classes you can take.

The story of Shadowbringers review
In Shadowbringers, players are summoned into another world called the First, a massive imbalance of cosmic forces has created dangerous beats called Sin Eaters which is known as an Ascian plot, where the Warrior of Light is forced to become a Warrior of Darkness in order to prevent the flood of light and balance between light and darkness, as well as defeat powerful "Lightwardens" and return the world to normal.

Newcomer's considerations
Follow the instructions of the beginner's tutorial to learn more about your work. The dungeon is a place you have to go to complete the task, the first time you enter the dungeon is not as simple as imagined. Follow the instructions of your friends and learn more you need to know to unlock more content.The more tasks you complete, including choosing a random dungeon, and boss fights, acid, these can help you increase your experience and improve your character's skills, and even earn some currencies for yourself, which can be used to buy other advanced equipment. Be sure to learn to arrange the currency in the game reasonably, which is what we all know about Final Fantasy XIV Gil, because it is very difficult to cultivate these currencies on your own.

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