How To Find Fortnite Season 9 Week 6 Hot Points And Deal With The Challenges?
Source: MMOAH

Following the weekly update about Fortnite Season 9, we are experiencing the challenges of week 6, which bring us past the halfway point of the season. Since this Thursday, we just face some fairly straightforward challenges by dealing some damage, getting some eliminations, opening some chests and land at some locations. You might have experienced majority of them.

What are Fortnite Hot pots?

Fortnite hot spots were added during Season 9 in the 9.10 patch which were the focus of a staged free challenge for Week 6 in order to offer players a chance to score great loot fist thing in a match.

In case you miss the hot spots ,they are named locations that are randomly selected in a map across all Fortnite game modes.

We are looking forward to the three-staged challenges. Just go and look over the version 9.10 patch notes in order to find a or more Hot Spots in Fortnite.

  • Stage 1: Search chests at a Hot Spot
  • Stage 2: Search ammo boxes at a Hot Spot
  • Stage 3: Elimination at a Hot Spot

How to deal with the challenges?
To earn more Battle Stars(10 Battle Stars in total you can get), players have to go to hot spots and search for chests, ammo boxes and find an elimination at the location.

Remember you have to finish the challenges one by one, just like you must search for chests first before the elimination.

Once you complete all of challenges in Week 6, you can get the secret loading screen as part of the ongoing Utopia challenges, and have more chance to approach Tier 100.

According to the game countdown, we have known the ending date of Season 9 will be scheduled on July 23, there are over one month left to complete the challenges before Season 10 arrives.

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