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With its upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth, the earth of Warcraft has not felt more tense. As players frantically end grinding their Legion reputations and fishing rewards ahead of the expansion's release on August 14, there is a sense of eager anticipation once we get much better finding out how that is known this almighty tussle between your Alliance along with the Horde commences in the first place.

In Battle for Azeroth, more has been done than ever to give players an experience unique with their respective factions, with entire continents being locked either to the Horde or Alliance, and storylines limited to one side or even the other. We spoke to World of Warcraft production director John Hight regarding the challenge of ensuring each side have a worthwhile experience, that this studio is preparing players for your fight against 1 another, and why we need to all be excited to sign up the fight.

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At the final of Legion players were arguably closer than previously as they fought a massive, common threat - why was your decision made to alter the pace and pit players against one other?

Well, I think you hit the nail about the head, it had been that enemy that really brought those factions together. It wasn't as if they were visiting this wonderful kumbaya peace - there was clearly tensions at the start of Legion. But the presence in the Legion itself am potentially devastating its Azeroth, the factions just did not have time to explore what really happened - perhaps the Horde really betrayed the Alliance or you cannot. Now that that big enemy has become defeated, I think the Alliance are going back to a point where they are able to explore that considering, 'We felt betrayed, we lost our king'. And, certainly, Anduin is resulting into his very own as a child - he certainly misses the existence of his father, but he recognises his responsibility as king, and one on the first things on his brain is to get some redemption for happened.

Was it always the blueprint to switch things up so dramatically?

We typically plan our story arc a couple of expansions ahead, and then we know what characters we would like to introduce and how we would like to evolve them during the period of a single expansion, or maybe multiple expansions. So that's something we considered very ahead of time - for those who have the big singular evil you must defeat, where does one go from there? We thought it might be appropriate and also interesting to convey that the biggest threat now in Azeroth is one another. Can we, without that uniting threat on the Burning Legion, bond - or so are we going to battle one another? And as you can view in Battle for Azeroth, we're likely to fight it out.

What's the reaction from players been thus far?

Well firstly, we have not told anyone how this expansion's planning to end, so don't make a lot of assumptions! It's fun to take a position but we're not likely to tell you what's gonna happen prior to the last update for the expansion occurs. We have a lot of interesting and exciting twists and turns available for you.

But I think normally the reception continues to be pretty good. It's funny, we organize these stories and now we bring in they in groups noisy . stages and run them with the story and talk concerning the features we want to do within the expansion therefore we're all about the same page. I think they at first were a bit unsure about where we had been going. We had a great deal of, 'So it's gonna be Horde vs Alliance again?'. They were concerned that anybody would think the whole game had become PvP. We had to restore clear that no, it's really planning to be regarding the conflict itself.

And the fun part is the fact we're telling two different storylines. In Legion, you possessed the choice to visit whatever levelling zone you wished, but whether you are Horde or Alliance you experienced a lot on the same content, and also the majority from the content was created so that it might be played by either faction. But in Battle for Azeroth, you will find distinct storylines for your Horde and for your Alliance.

Has it been tricky to convince players that isn’t only a PvP expansion?

I do not think so. I think the cinematic the team produced really informs you the potential of the items this game could possibly be. When we revealed that at Blizzcon as well as the cheers went up, I think everyone really form of got it. For me, when I first saw that, simply the storyboards, I thought, ‘Man, now I get it, now I can see what the opportunity of this story may be’.

But I think overall, it has been a positive reception. I don't have a lot by people saying the battle between factions is usually a bad idea, I think consumers are fairly excited. It does hark back towards the early times WoW, and in some cases Warcraft itself. A wide range of these stories were advised through that lens, so I know people are likely to be excited if they get to take part in the game. Even the sceptics are likely to find that this is a decent creative choice.

How would you go about preparing players for that coming clash?

Well, many it depends upon how people take part in the game. It's obvious in PvP, playing with terms on the levelling up along with the questing experience, this is the reason we really planned to tell the two of these separate stories. There's a spot whether you're within the Horde or Alliance side that you begin an exploration to the other faction's continent, understanding that can be pretty scary. It says to you a lot as to what they're around and who they really are - you aren't seen as an ally whatsoever - and will evoke that a feeling of not being inside a safe space. And that was obviously a bit to consider away in the fear people had with this being a PvP-oriented expansion.

It's also one from the reasons why we've transferred to a new world PvP mode. Whether you aren't you want to PvP out from the world really should be an option that is not based on server choices you have made years ago because on the friends that you'd at the time. We do get many complaints from players saying, 'I'm just attempting to level up and I hate it any time a high-level player swoops down and simply ganks me', while at exactly the same time we have PvP players who say, 'This is indeed cool, the earth's not really a safe place, and neat that I can go out and battle with another player'. So we thought, ‘OK, we'll supply you with the option’. You'll get rewards if you opt to participate in PvP, but we do not want to make that this right way to take part in the game. We've ended up more conscious and careful about any racial benefits so that for no reason cause an imbalance between factions.

Have you learned any lessons from past expansions, and ways in which have you implemented that it time around?

For how we structure our quests, we try to make sure they're engaging and get away from any repetition of quest types. We also try to supply you choice, as that's something players enjoy considerably. I think the scaling we did for Legion is one area we're thrilled with, and this's why we employed that through the entire entire game. I think players like returning to college and playing through a few of that old content, and this there could be a level difference between them in addition to their friends but they could still experience the content together. We have done some work to make that whole level up experience more enjoyable. It's certainly very complicated now - it had gotten to a time where it had not been very challenging in any way - and I think everyone is enjoying that. We're giving top reasons to go back and play characters from level one, players have rewards for doing that now, and this fits in to the theme of heading out and acquiring allied races to assistance in your struggle resistant to the enemy faction.

Touching on Allied Races, the character of creating a new playable race for the reds or the other is inevitably likely to spark a debate over which side has it better, or why a specific race has chosen a certain side - was that this goal?

I do not know that we had arrived trying to spark a debate, yet it's inevitable that it turned out going to happen. You see a character that you like and think, 'Why can't that be Alliance?', and vice-versa for your Horde, but that is part with the items gives those factions their excitement and charm. We want individuals to pick a side or even a race they identify with - which they want to be them on earth. And you never know, which will actually bring about players changing factions, or perhaps rolling an additional toon around the opposite side.

Obviously, Allied Races is one from the features players are extremely excited about for that upcoming expansion. How much thought retreats into which Allied Race is next, and what side they are going on?

So first we considered the geography from the space and who the inhabitants were. In some cases we drew through the lore that's in existence - it's obvious who's in Zandalar, one example is - in other cases, there were to think with what an interesting race will be to inhabit that area, and in many cases there were to think about inventing a whole new race geared to it. Then we consider what's their natural tendency - is it likely to be more sympathetic on the Horde and the Alliance? - after which if we noticed a preponderance of really big, tough-looking races on either side or really charming, cool, cute-looking races within the other, you have to try to try and do a little minor rebalance. Those profiles and others aesthetics are actually important. We didn't want everyone about the Horde to check ugly, right?

And the order that people're putting them out really depends on that this story unfolds. Early on we envisioned the Zandalari Trolls could be something that individuals would unveil even ahead on the expansion release, but we thought actually you haven't gone throughout the storylines yet, you've not earned their trust and respect, in order that it didn't sound right to have them open to you. We wanted website visitors to have early having access to some races even as thought it would be a cool way for getting into the feel with the items BfA is focused on. We also think it is necessary as our current expansion starts to wind down that you will discover still things for people to accomplish, and making sure that's why we chose some in the Legion races as Allied Races for individuals to level up.

People seem to be discussing the opportunity for races that haven't even been announced. What's the long-term plan?

We get it all prepared. It's certainly possible come year-end we might make some changes determined by what we've learned and what we've seen, but we definitely use a plan.

But y'know, for some of the stuff it's tough to keep it from the players once we've uploaded the info. They're great at seeking to datamine what's around. What's funny though is the fact sometimes we'll put some with this data out, but without worrying about intention of immediately unlocking it. Sometimes we obtain in difficulties for that - when fans notice, they notice in some style of encrypted form. They're positive which it's planning to go live really soon, and can receive a bit disappointed if this doesn't. In our case, it had been just a case from it being convenient and recommended that you upload the information at that point on time as groundwork. So we're usually pretty careful about saying inside patch notes what players would really see inside the patch, to make sure they know it’s intentional instead of an accident or some hidden quest.

Do you prefer  seeing these discussions?

Oh yeah, definitely, it's actually plenty of fun. There are even cases of individuals speculating about something they've found in Hearthstone and being positive it'll show up in WoW. But you know, sometimes the chatter influences us itself. The decision to devote Dark Iron Dwarves was very much determined by players saying for years how they've needed to play that specific look of dwarf, and also have been very disappointed we never gave it in their mind.

And exactly the same with the Mag'har Orcs?

Yeah, just people wanting more variety in orcs, beyond doubt. But I honestly can't recall the genesis of deciding to include every one of the orc tribes. We knew that any of us wanted to complete more of an upright orc, but at the finish of the morning, some with the individual personality traits with the various orc clans in Warlords usually are not that distinguishable if you are armoured up - especially when you've got the new armour that you get inside a new expansion - and we all arrived at the thinking behind making an amalgam of the these different clans.

We have Dark Irons, but what in regards to the last remaining dwarf clan, the Wildhammers?

It's always possible, but and we don't have any immediate plans to add the Wildhammer clan.

You mentioned faction-specific content and exactly how BfA gets the most faction-specific content associated with a expansion. How tricky could it be to ensure players on each party have having a positive experience and something that's equally enjoyable?

We have two individuals our design team using a responsibility to the storyline for his or her particular faction. They sit with the other person and communicate with the other on a daily basis. Of course, there's some amount of one-upmanship that occurs within our design team, but I think they're very aware of that and desire to make sure there exists a steady balance. But we also don't want to look at an idea that's for the Horde side and simply duplicate it for that Alliance side, we would like factions to own their own unique flavour, and desire our designers to feel they've got some agency to craft the stories themselves.

And at the finish of the afternoon, we take part in the game. I think they has played both Legion this also expansion over any on the work within the past. A great deal of it comes from exactly how we're now building the sport. In the last a lot in the stuff would get together fairly late, therefore we would be able to see the task integrated into your game at around exactly the same time that players would when we visit alpha. But now we're seeing this article way, strategies advance of that, which means there's lots of opportunities for all of us to catch items like the Alliance without needing a particularly cool feature, and the pacing being weak within the Horde side. The fact we can do that earlier on without having to accomplish a lots of rework is very important, and this's been one on the things that has been great in aiding us produce more content with greater frequency, also to create more content than we have inside the past. We can do more upfront planning than we've before.

Most players have at the very least a few characters on each party, but does one think it's actually a risk separating the information out between factions in this particular large way?

Well, it isn't really like we've reduced the number of content you're planning to play! If you only play Alliance, as an example, you're planning to feel that the game is really as big so when rich as it did when you played Legion. If anything we're creating more content, it is simply you might not see all of the usb ports if you only play one for reds. But we belief that that's okay, it's what provides for a faction a part of its identity - the stories you'll be able to tell your fellow faction members that only they are going to know about, understand, laugh about, etc.

Inevitably, there must be a winner plus a loser. How will you make certain that players about the losing side don’t feel hard-done-by?

Well again, we're not likely to tell you how all of this ends! There are about to be individual scenarios and battles where we have a winner as well as a loser definitely, but those will be the battles rather than the war. We're being cautious come the conclusion of this that you're not gonna feel like you have opted the wrong faction understanding that you're with all the losing side. But you will have times the place you certainly should pick yourself back out from the dust and prepare for your next battle. But that's portion of what's gonna create the tension relating to the faction as well as the opposing side.