Microsoft held an XBOX briefing and announced the new series of Halo- Halo Infinite 3 weeks ago. Based on the debut trailer - it got some good reasons that the new one hadn't been named as "Halo 6". The new art style, bring the master chief back, powered by the Slipspace engine, One AI chip inserted back to his helmet instead of his old partner Cortana. Even with those innovated highlights, the argument after its trailer launching hasn’t been ceased, about what kind of gameplay it will bring to the fans and the judgment for the whole series of Halo. And now it’s about to get nastier.

Some loyal players, considered as “fanboys of Halo” by opponents, insisted that Halo gonna thrive again in the new game, and as was expected, reaching to its resurrection and win all the players back. Some even pointed out, the latest series of Halo, known as Halo 5, has a rich universe, great story and balanced multiple combat system compared with its predecessors, got taunted immediately by another viewer. Other crew stood up against the former compliments, saying the game is already dead for good, and yet the fans still living in denial. “trial and error”, that is the conclusion and judgment for the Halo latest series by the doubters. Some followers indicated that Halo infinite can be possible for Battle Royale mode, which unexpectedly touches other viewers’ nerve of loathing epidemic Battle Royale games and extremely standing for the classic Halo style, involved with slashing denouncements of Call of Duty.

Other criticism focus on the path of Halo that 343 industries went through, kindly warning the pitfalls it should avoid and fix, especially the fifth. Drip-fed content, a poor campaign, and steep grinding for unlocks are the three critical issues that remained in Halo 5 tightly, hopefully, can get rid of in Halo infinite. Even if the fifth seemed to be an easy target for all disagreements, there are some still well-known characteristics it has, such as mechanics, multiplayer design, the largest content etc. Although many players reached into an agreement that 343 industries need to provide a “4-way-split-screen” and “2-way-split-screen Co-Op” in halo infinite version as its priority, to avoid a snowslip-ish failure in the future.