Gyro Inverted In Fortnite Makes The Game Unplayable For Pro controllers Gamers After 5.1 Patch
Gyro Inverted In Fortnite Makes The Game Unplayable For Pro controllers Gamers After 5.1 Patch

A critical bug has been existing in Fortnite since the v5.10 patch launched. It was concluded as “Motion control inverted and affects gyro movements, makes the game unplayable”. This topic started on 24th in the forums of Bug Report, following rapidly with over 100 comments and more than 5000 times views in one week. Thread mostly stood for the point of view that Epic had inverted the Motion Control for pro controllers’ users, X or Y axis didn’t work efficiently so that Gyro aims in the game were not available when operating the motion control. Some players indicated that the upgraded motion control is way better off for joy-cons, although joy-coins doesn’t fit for grown-ups ergonomically. Pro controller gamers complained about its X-axis movement malfunctioned, which possibly caused by the combination between Gyro and Stick axis in the 5.10 patch, already affected the gameplay and accumulated increasing criticism and grievances for many pro controllers’ users.

For pro controllers, Gyro Broken means the accurate aiming to targets can’t be accomplished whatsoever. Without aiming and terminating, Fortnite Battle Royale, for certain players, becomes a lousy Assassin’s Creed battlefield with horrible survival environment. Although with so many pleadings and requests from players demanding a quick response and timely remediation, the bug was failed to be removed after the Tuesday update by Epic Tech Support. Players who have been haunted for more than a few weeks were pretty outraged and wondered if Epic was still able to carry it out eventually or not.

Some solicitous consumers, actually, tried to resolve the problem in a different way. Whether or not the feasibility of their resolutions, some was enlightening in some ways. For example, one player suggests to play with pro controllers horizontally, not vertically like we used to do. However, most players stuck to ask for fixing it once for all - or going back to the previous version in this case. A few of viewers brought up Splatoon, a similar shooter game with Fortnite, which features much better motion control tech and playability:

“Splatoon (1 or 2) allows for both yaw and roll control for the X-axis. If you hold the controller flat and rotate it left (bring the left part towards you) your character looks left. If you prefer to hold the controller upright it is the same, when you bring the left part of the controller towards you your character looks left. Everything in between works too. It's very intuitive and both methods work as if you were looking through the controller. Splatoon's motion control is also very smooth, btw and equally good whether you use joy-cons or a Pro Controller.

In Fortnite, only roll control is allowed now. This means that when holding the controller flat you have to push the left side of the controller down to turn left and if you like to hold it upright, you have to bring the left side of the controller towards you to turn right, the opposite of what everyone expects. Yaw control was fine, I have no idea why it was removed.”

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