Go On A Hard Fight: Maplestory 2’s Fire Dragon Guide
Go On A Hard Fight: Maplestory 2’s Fire Dragon Guide

Still, MapleStory was one of the most popular MMOs of the 2000s even though lacking raid functionality itself. Now, as the direct sequel of MapleStory, MapleStory 2 has eventually infused the long-appealed element into the game. Fire Dragon is one of the inserted raids that has been hot off the press. The name pretty much speaks for itself, so cut the cackle, here are all the essential tips to help you break down the boss and earn yourself substantial MapleStory 2 Mesos.

Before the Finale

Before confronting the vicious Fire Dragon, there are a few things you should be fully aware of. First would be the type of pet you'll bring along. We highly recommend you choose the ones that spit out auto potions so that you can totally get rid of the dirty work. Also, make sure that your settings are lag-free, as a single second or millisecond can spell a huge catastrophe in the middle of a siege. Finally, keep track of your priest's locations any time so you'll know exactly where to go once you find yourself in a tight spot. 

All about Dodging

Now that you're all prepared for final battle, it's onto the raid proper. Firstly, there are ledges you can use to dodge some of the Fire Dragon's thump. You will survive on those ledges every time the Dragon is after you. Other than being prompt enough to evade its strikes, you can also step on the blue parts to get your burn healed

For the most of time during the battle, the blazing enemy will be applying a dashing skill. To ensure you won't get hit by that, please keep the camera on him constantly, and don't stay in front of him. In anticipation of the dragon's movements and attack spots, was proved to be the most efficient method to dodge and strike him back later.

File:FireDragonSafeSpots.pngthe Fire Dragon safe spot locations

Taking a Deep Breath

Another skill you should be extra wary of is his massive fire breath. He'll be doing it in quick succession. Be careful of not getting burned due to recklessness. The ledge is a safe place to hide from this hit as always. Notice: Wait some more time before you decide to approach him after his breath attack, as the leftover flames are severely harmful.

Once his HP gets lower, especially lower than the half of the whole HP, he will be using these attacks in combination which leads us to Phase two. Be aware that the upcoming attacks are going to be much harder to avoid since there won't be a discernible pattern to follow. But all his moves are the duplicates of Phase one so it won't be too much of a problem dodging them. Be noted that there will be more skills added to the mix as his HP goes even lower 

Onto the Next Part

Aside from the attack combo, you should also watch out for his AOE stun attack. Thankfully, he doesn’t attack right after, so in case you get hit you won’t have to worry about an immediate follow-up. If you want to make the most of your time while avoiding this move, you can jump off the ledge or jump on the smaller platform where the faeries are. Finally, for the last part of the first stage, he’ll be shooting a laser beam. It’s mostly one-shot if you’re not a tank, there are some options to dodge this. Ranked by complexity, those dodges from easiest to hardest should be: slide into the available holes, climb up the pillar, or dash through the laser with precise timing. 

Once you manage to deplete the Fire Dragon’s HP down to 20 million, the second part will commence. Other than the fire breath and fireballs you won’t be able to dodge (so we hope your priest has you covered), he’ll be using the same moves he did before—which should already be easy enough for you.

There you have it! Remember these do’s and don’ts when you take on the Fire Dragon. With them, it’s going to be much easier for you and your team to deal with this red-hot beast. Statistically, with everything prepared and unbeatable teamwork, the Fire Dragon will be completed within 6 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Challenge him with your friends!

The Fire Dragon is a formidable foe in MapleStory 2. With this essential guide, you can improve your chances when challenging it in a hot fight.

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