Global MapleStory 2 has been confirmed to possess a world-wide release by Nexon since 2015 and rumors of the company's upcoming release after that. Recently, there are numerous leaks of voice samples and game assets in English dug up through the files of existing versions in the game. Here is my video discussing the leaked assets of GMS2 revealed by the handful of MapleStory 2 community members, the opportunity of it coming in 2010 and Eastern developers seeking the global self-publish route as opposed to North American publishers for localization in their games. Currently, there's two playable versions of MapleStory 2; the Korean version and also the Chinese version.

Keep under consideration that these leaks are unconfirmed currently. There has not been any official statement from Nexon or NSquare a global release is not far off. It may be a lengthy shot since Chinese version only recently arrived on the scene on September 2017, but perhaps we might see a statement for GMS2 sooner. The original MapleStory game was vastly popular all around the globe, so surely a big audience will probably be present for Nexon to produce a nostalgia pitch to.

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