SoulWorker Online is currently in "open beta", the game's cash shop is web selling both Silver and Gold VIP memberships. While mostly full of typical VIP type goods (respawner, bonus keycards, etc.), in addition, they feature extra energy, the resource was required to complete in-game activities. Silver adds 80 energy on the base 200, while Gold adds 120. If that's too few, players can combine Silver and Gold packages and find a whopping 200 extra energy every day, double baseline.

As a result of the effective doubling of the daily allotment of energy, players have accused Gameforge of P2W. Responding to the outcry, SoulWorker's community manager wrote:

As announced previously, we are reviewing comments and concerns regarding the Energy system. We are still collecting data and our team will continue to look into it.

As counter measures, we will:

  • Keep for now the free items in the shop (the Dynamite Power Vitamin Z and the Mat community)
  • Bring more frequently EP Party events
  • The VIP Membership is one additional way to get more Energy in game since it’s tradeable (you can buy it from the auction house).

We will continue to analyze the Energy system on our servers to see if any adjustments are needed in the future and will inform you about any update in regards of that topic.

What do you consider? Is this P2W as some player allege or possibly it just "typical" for the majority of VIP subscriptions? Leave us your notions!

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